Today’s Stuttering Quote (27.04.2013)

The first thing you must do is to admit to yourself
that you need to change, that you really want to do something about the way you presently talk. This is tough but your commitment must be total; not even a small part of you must hold back. Don’t dwell longingly on your fluency in the magical belief that some day your speech blocks will disappear. There is no magic potion, no pink pill that will cure stuttering.Don’t sit around waiting for the right time for inspiration to come to you—you must go to it. 

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    nice sir…yes it is like work diligently ,give time to ur self for result …

  2. dr vijay singh 7 years ago

    सर क्या मै हिंदी मे ऐसे quote लिख सकता हु अगर हा तो कहा पोस्ट करना होगा

  3. Sachin 7 years ago

    Good reminder..

  4. Anonymous 7 years ago

    keep on write sir daily one quote, which inspires us more.

  5. Anonymous 7 years ago

    dr vijay singh, go to , put your email id & password and create post


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