Herbertpur update.

Sumit and Atul came. We picked up the newspaper – read some news items and then presented the information as a synopsis, followed by rapid questions. I recorded and replayed it for them. Today’s meeting was more one on one and both Sumit and Atul were opening up- sharing their thoughts, fears and doubts.

A common difficulty is: a pws is not able to visualise the outcome of following a certain path for 6 months. What would it mean to give a presentation with a little bounce here and there? compared to bunking the class on that day? Which is easier? Which is less embarrassing?

Many of us are not able to visualise the outcomes and hence not able to inspire ourselves. Here is the role for a good mentor or a counsellor. Instead of trying to inspire blindly in generic terms,, they can help a young person, think and come up with a clear picture of what that moment in future may look like for him or her- and THEN make them work for it consistently.

We had many rapid rounds, with quick feedback, video analysis etc. Then, I asked them to share an embarrassing moment. Both rose to the challenge and shared afterwards that they were feeling lighter, after having shared it.

Post Author: Sachin