Today’s Stuttering Quotes (10.05.2013)


you might say to a friend something like “you know that I am a stutterer and frankly I have been ashamed to admit it. I need to be more open about my problem and may need your help.” Any real friend will appreciate your frankness and will feel closer to you as a result. Besides you will find that people are interested in stuttering. Teach them about it.

Complying with this assignment will reduce your tension,and it will help you accept your stuttering as a problem with which you can cope with less shame and embarrassment.This can make a world of difference and enable you to adopt a more healthy, wholesome and objective attitude towards your difficulty, something all stutterers need so badly.

You may think it will hurt your pride to frankly tell people that you are a stutterer, but it is more likely that you will be proud of yourself for doing it. Besides there is no use spending your life pretending.

Of course you can’t accomplish this goal in a day or two. It will take time to make contact with people you know and carry out this recommendation. No matter how long it takes,it will help reduce your tension and fear if you cultivate an attitude of being willing to talk about your stuttering. (From the book SELF-HELP-THERAPY by MALCOLM FRASER.)

1.When you begin to really accept yourself as the stutterer you are, you are on your way to much easier speech and most certainly to greater peace of mind.(Rainey)
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Today’s Stuttering Quotes (10.05.2013)


    (May 10, 2013 - 1:56 am)

    Good One sir.
    All quotes show relevance to acceptance.


    (May 10, 2013 - 5:38 am)

    nice sir… i impressed with selection of word by macolm ,he used word difficulty for stammering, as my 30 year experience in stammering i found difficulty in speaking is most appropriate word then stammering ,habit, speaking problem , disorder ..
    today i realize thinking this way make me feel more relaxed … thanks to mani sir and MALCOLM FRASER for this wounder full quote

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