Bengaluru SHG May 12, 2013 meeting report

Hello all,
Here is report of another awesome SHG meeting

Attendees – Karthik, Piyush, Subodh, Anbu, Sairam, Dinesh, Lohit, Navdeep, Upasana, Avneesh, Jitu and myself Abhinav
We have one good news. Dinesh is now father of baby boy 🙂

Activities – 

1) Reading of ‘Apna haath jagannath’ SHG manual for around 45 minutes.
2) We formed pair and each member of pair introduced his partner.
3) Sairam expressed his views on famous Kung fu panda movie dialog

“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present” 

4) Karthik shared his California trip experiences
5) We discussed about buddy project in which every member of SHG can discuss any thing with his buddy via email, chat or phone. Many a times we feel alone, frustrated and sad due to stammering. We can discuss all these issues with our buddy and discuss about improvement areas
6) Navdeep shared her views on caste discrimination.
7) Karthik sang 2 Hindi and 1 Tamil song to share Dinesh’s happiness
8) Keyboard performance by Lohith
9) Treat by Dinesh

Overall good meetup, we all enjoyed a lot. Please give your feedback at abhinav.singh8 at yahoo dot com
Thats all from Bangalore SHG this week. See you all next week 🙂


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Congratulations to Dinesh and his new born baby. Bangalore SHG has done lot of different activities and is becoming a role model to the other TISA SHGs. Good to hear that Karthik has gone to USA and shared his experiences. Keep it up Bangalore SHG.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Nice bro…. And
    Congratulation to Dinesh….


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