Today’s Stuttering Quotes (14.05.2013)


1.Every stutterer will have some ups and downs and the course of improvement is seldom a smooth course. (Kamhi)

2.Despite progress there will be occasional days of poor talking for
disorganizing stresses are sure to intervene. (Bluemel)

3.The central problem of treatment is not the difficulty of bringing about fluency, but the high probability of relapse; few quick cures are likely to be durable; and in general the most reliable way to achieve a lasting reduction of stuttering is to do it slowly and gradually through a process that enlists the stutterers’comprehension of what they do when they stutter, why they do it,and how and why they are capable of altering their behavior. (Bloodstein)
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  1. admin 7 years ago

    yes …remaining neutral in up and down is key of happiness ,one can enjoy every course if he develop faculty of equanimity ….


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