stammerers used to be extra intelligent. Really???

I used to hear from people that stammering people used to be more intelligent than normal speaking ones.
I have been an intelligent guy in terms of academics, hence, i used to believe it up to some extent.Now let me tell you an eye opening experience of myself.

I have been transferred to another department at my workplace since January this year.Its been more than 5 months now.I have to deal with workers a lot here.Initially, they used to laugh and bully my stammering.But with time, now i can see that they don’t react much to my way of speaking. Thats really amazing!!!

Those so called less educated workers have accepted my stammering, but, i still used to be in dilemma every time i talks to them,taking care of my stammering.Although i am also now more relaxed than the starting days with them.But, the growth in my acceptance in these months is not up to the mark.

So i wonder who is more intelligent??

This highly educated ENGINEER or those less educated WORKERS???


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    One does not need to be educated to be intelligent..i guess you were lucky that the workers had high emotional intelligence to have accepted your speech pattern..and have rated your engineering skills more than your speech .
    In any case trust me others have better work to do than thinking about others trivial issues.

  2. admin 7 years ago

    The less literate people (workers) will always accept in toto what the so called 'intelligent' or 'educated' people are saying. They always give respects to the educated people's advice.


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