My eye opener trip to Herbertpur :   

Greetings to all TISA members.I am narrating about my trip to Herbertpur, which was an eye-opener for me.
I reached Herbertpur on 19th May, early morning and took a room in a lodge.
         Sachin Sir picked me up at 9.30 AM. We went to the Udasin Ashram, which is at the bank of yamuna river.We talked about my life and my questions.We medidated in meditation hall.As I was not used to meditation, I got tired and restless very soon.

           We had lunch along with other people in the afternoon. It was awesome, so tasty. I ate to my heart’s content.We returned to Lehman Hospital at around 2 PM. The SHG meeting was held at 4 PM inside Anugrah hall. I met Vineet, a BSC student. He demonstrated bouncing to me. Sachin Sir made video recording while I was replying to Vineet’s questions.I observed myself stammering for the first time in real life situation.

           My secondary symptoms are that I blink eyes very quickly while stammering, and I use helping words/unnecessary sounds. Sachin Sir pointed out that we need only our mouth to stammer, so why use other body parts.After the session we had a cup of coffee. Vineet dropped me at the Herbertpur crossing and I returned to Shimla.

        A few things I learned/observed:

(1.)Stammering is worst when we try to hide it.
(2.)We need only our mouth to stammer, so why use other secondary symptoms like blinking of eyes.
(3.) Using unnessary words/sounds compliates our stammering
(3.)Bouncing: There is a saying that if you want to know the taste of mango, you have to eat it. Reading about mango in  books wont give you the taste of mango. Likewike I had read a lot about bouncing in TISA blogs, but seldom practiced.
    While I practiced it in front of Sachin Sir,I realised that it helps a PWS to overcome the fear of stammering. I myself observed that my secondary symptom of blinking eyes and using secondary words was greatly reduced while bouncing.So if you want to know bouncng,JUST DO BOUNCING!
            So personally I felt that bouncing is better than prolongation in order to overcome the fear of
stammering. In prolongation we are avoiding stammering, while in bouncing we are accepting it.So there is no fear.

          About acceptance: If we have accepted that sometimes we may get stuck while speaking, then we can speak in front of anybody, any meeting, any dignitory. There wont be fear that what if I stammer.
       I remember Sachin Sir saying:” Hakla nahi haklayega to aur kaun haklayega”. So we need not hide our stammer, and we would be free of fear of stammering.
          It is not easy for me.As Sachin Sir said: it requires total commitment. I need to avoid postponement and day-dreaming.I need to be sporting enough to accept failures on the way and bounce back again.

           Hope this eye-opener trip is beginning of better days to come, and I dont fall back to sleep again, not this time!

Abhishek Kumar


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Abhishek! This is one of the few GOOD documentations after a counselling session. You have grasped EVERY concept accurately and in its totality.
    Now, this was the first step. Will you be as good as this, in the next step- which is living out these ideas, in day to day life?
    My best prayers for you..
    Keep writing like this, no matter what..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    nice abhishek …it seems like u understand the core concept ..practice and practice , yes one can understand bouncing only after experiencing it.

  3. Mayank Harjika 7 years ago

    Great Abhishek !! Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice and perfect guidance makes a man perfect. Now u can say this. I have learned that in TISA only do perfect practice may be its 45 minutes a day or 1 hour but do it perfectly. With the help of Sachin Sir and SHG group in delhi i am doing it and feel very positive change in myself like in cooking also perfect combination of vegetables and other ingredients can enhance the taste of a dish.

  4. admin 7 years ago



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