Bangalore SHG – 25/05/2013

Today we had a wonderful meetup as usual  We started our meet by 2:20pm. We were totally 10 people in total today.
As per dinesh’s idea, today we did a new way of introduction. We wrote down the intro in our notepad. Then we started the introduction by reading what we wrote. The person who finishes the introduction, has to choose the next person to read. Everyone had written their intro in a new way this time. So we concluded this round with following takeaways.
a. When we are organized, stammering is less.
b. Intro can be innovative if we write down and then deliver.
The next round was prepared speeches. Abhinav came up with a new way of prepared speech. He recited a english poem. The poem was about the Woods a horse and a person. It was good. 
Next turn was me. I had done a kind of prepared speech. It was about a topic called “This will also change. Everything happens for a reason”. I tried to explain about my life with relation to stammering. The struggle that I went thro’ with stammering was for a reason and it never remained permanent. It always changed. The change will also change.
Sairam also spoke about a topic related to stammering. It was about secondary symptoms  His motive was if we avoid our secondary symptoms, 80% of struggle associated with stammering would go away. He presented beautifully and it was well structured with examples and suggestions.
Dinesh’s turn was last. As usual, he had leadership qualities in his speech grabbing everyone’s attention when he spoke. He has attended many courses right from Art of living, vipasana, Landmark education etc., and he suggested 3 major take-aways for all of us.
1. A promise is a promise. Never leave your word in air. Respect your word. He also explained about how Your word creates your world.
2. Last minute syndrome. Most of us, including me put major this to the end until the last minute. He explained us how this can lead to inefficiency in our work and how it affects our life in a major part.
3. Knowledge. What ever you do, have a thorough knowledge in it. It gives you more confidence and this was really powerful one.
Well, the time ran and it was 5pm. We had to conclude even if we wanted to continue. Many of them had questions in between but we had to hurry up since the time was about to get 5.
Thats all for this week. Donot hesitate to comment. Bye all.
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  1. admin 7 years ago

    @Blr Shg Group : You guys rock…:)


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