News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup – 26th May

We were two members for meetup. (Ramu and Rajesh)
As most of the members later in the evening said that Hyderabad’s hot sun is making them get sun burns so they couldn’t come to meetings 🙂 So for next week we will either shift our venu from open park to some closed doors or change timings of meetings to evening.
This week as we are only two members we didn’t have a formal agenda.
We just spoke to each other and helped each other.

Opening hearts require good place and good companionship. Both were well weaved in our meetup.
We increased our listening skills, we shared many things, we wore hat of other person in his problems and gave suggestions to our problems.
We took resolutions for the day to day and thought to reward the success.
Even though it was a 3.5 hours meetup i feel we have fine tuned most of the bugs and addressed many issues.
Some points we discussed are-
1)No postponing of works.
2)Spending time effectively
3)Working towards dreams
4)Stop thinking of what others think
5)How many works we do daily to please others instead of pleasing yourself.
6)Starting conversing with Strangers with ease.
7)Life is always flowering as God has written only good things to his creations.Its only we who consider that Life is written in the backdrop of pain and unhappiness.
8)Changing the patterns as patterns will be becoming habits slowly.
9)The quality of Life is what you are today and how you are thinking today and is not about what you will be tomorrow. So be an active person today and tweak the to-be tweaked ones and lead your happy life.
10)Love your life.
11)Respecting parents.
12)How visualizing of you completing any task is important before doing it – it builds a plan of how to achieve it on the fly, removes doubts of not achieving it and gives better control on mind by making us ease.
13)Life is all about living and not about worrying. If you worry and sit calm then you are dying – If you worry and still try to make you happy then you are living the true meaning of Life.

Thats all from our meeting friends, had a great day !
Together We Step Up and Together We Succeed !

Rajesh V.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup – 26th May


    (May 31, 2013 - 4:27 am)

    Couldn't agree more with those thirteen points. They are so true and so often forgotten..


    (June 1, 2013 - 5:39 am)

    Thank you Sachin ji…
    I am trying to stick on these points 🙂

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