News @ Hyderabad SHG Meetup – 2 June 2013

We were 6 people for meetup. Below are members w.r.t pic.

1)Bhaskar 2)Ramesh 3)Mahipal 4)Dhyneswar 5)Rajesh 6)Mahesh
Meeting started at exactly 9am today !
Activities happened –
1)Meditation for 10 minutes
2)Introduction round
3)Prepared Speeches by every member
4)Voluntary stuttering by walking along 2 kms from park.

Prepared speeches and topics –
1)Dhyneswar – Improving SHGs
2)Ramesh – His first IT job experience.
3)Bhaskar – Time management
4)Mahesh – Improving SHGs and how PWS can get job in ITs
5)Rajesh – Importance of planting trees

We came out of our park and started voluntary stuttering with strangers, we walked around 2kms just doing voluntary stuttering with variety of roadsiders like Cab drivers, auto drivers, coconut sellers, lime juice sellers, book shop, vodafone customer shop, footware shop, sweet shop,security guard…
OMG it was simply awesome to do so  and that too all were doing with dedication and enthu 🙂
We were competing among us for doing it before strangers 🙂
It was nice experience….We enjoyed a lot ! Thanks guys for leaving sweet memories 🙂
Next week also we will do the same activities with even better approach !

Together We Step Up and Together We Succeed !
Rajesh V


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wow- quite a few new activities..Congrats everyone!

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Thank you Sachin ji..
    Regards !

  3. akki 7 years ago

    Thank you sachin sir. We all gave presentations on a particular topic for about 5-10 min. It was awesome experience. In this process we not only can improve our speech but also share presentation skills and learn new things.

  4. Anonymous 7 years ago

    We will bring more new idea in coming shg


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