Chennai Chapter meeting report held on 09.06.2013

Dear Friends,

Six pws including 2 new ones were attended the Chennai chapter SHG meeting on 09.06.2013. The meeting was held at YWCA guest house, commenced at 6 pm and concluded at 9 pm.We have discussed in detail how to get rid of our shame and fear

For stammerers, their big problems are  fear and shame.There are only 2 options to overcome these. First one is  to speak well with the help of speech therapy (option-A)and get rid of fear & shame and the second one is to get rid of fear and shame first and then speak well(option-B).

Option-A is a tough one due to the reasons that each pws stammers differently and hence the pws themselves have to find out the most suitable speech therapy.After finding out suitable one, they have  to practice it regularly for about 2 to 3 years. There are always good days and bad days for all pws. With constant fear and shame in their mind and during bad days, the pws may lose interest and discontinue with the speech therapy.

Option-B is to get rid of fear and shame first before going for next step.We discussed in detail about various ways and means. It was explained that pws are in a dark room called fear and shame ie pws are in darkness surrounded in the form of fear and shame . To get rid of darkness,the only option is   to put light in the room. There is no such darkness but only due to absence of light. In our case we are in fear and shame (Darkness)in the absence of acceptance (Light).
ie Darkness = Fear & Shame and
 Acceptance = Light.

It was our TISA theme ie accepting our stammering. The 3 pws who had attended the meeting have not told to their parents. They have been advised to do the same as soon as reaching home. The real acceptance should begin first from our home. Then to the relatives, friends and office colleagues.

For the best result we should combine both option A & B in the ratio of 50%:50%. But it is always better to start with option-B first, practice for about 3 months and parallely start Option-A for the next 2 to 3 years.There is no reason for failure. That’s all from Chennai chapter. 

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Chennai Chapter meeting report held on 09.06.2013


    (June 10, 2013 - 11:34 am)

    Great analysis!
    In my experience, many of us need nothing beyond option B. Because we do know how to talk- and we do want to talk well so that we are understood. Once shame and fear are removed- our natural tendency to talk (because we are social animals) takes over and helps us to become good communicators.
    Yes, what some of us may need to learn are things like: how to use a metaphor, how to use body language to support spoken word, how to use AV aids during a formal presentation; how to present a new thought (rhetoric, logic etc…)..
    And all this can be learned in a self help group, like the one in Chennai..
    But the first step is being free of shame and fear..
    Thank you!


    (June 10, 2013 - 11:51 am)

    Please any body tell me the importance of Vipassana meditation. I am planning to attend in this month.please call me on 09885112812.whether i have to attend or not i dont know.How it decreases our stammering.myself Ramesh.

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