Please help

Please help by keeping this blog well organised; You can do particularly these:
1. Use a “Read more” tag after first few lines (make them catchy), if your post is long. So that many more posts can be seen without scrolling down.(like this)
2. Please read your post couple of times to check for spellings and clarity, before you publish. Also, use appropriate tags.
3. Once published, dont change the date to keep the post on top. Please leave that privilege to editorial board.
4. Avoid plagiarism and share the source of your information, whenever possible.
5. Keep yourself familiar with the editorial policy and try to follow it.
Departure from above principles will certainly be ignored in the case of young and fresh contributors – TILL they have learned. Thank you!
(Editorial Board)

Post Author: Sachin

3 thoughts on “Please help


    (May 1, 2013 - 9:14 am)

    sir very valuable information…every one should try to follow them..but one can forget some of above point after some month…so if possible can we make link for it(on left side of page)..or we can make like of do and don't….so every one can follow it including those who missed this post due to any reason


    (May 2, 2013 - 6:01 am)

    Sachin ,

    You are right , would be great if you share with us how to go about adding the tag…


    (May 2, 2013 - 6:15 am)

    Sachin i got it ..and sharing for all those who were evaded of this simple jig 🙂

    Read More … is preferred if the blog post is lengthy. If you have completed your lengthy blog post or if you want to add "Read More" just decide after how much lines or text you want to add the feature.
    2. Just press enter to separate the text you want to show as read more.
    3. From the edit bar you select the "Jump Break" and you are done after you publish the post.
    4. Check the purview and adjust as per your taste.
    5. Moreover if you want to change the words "Read More" with "Continue Reading", "Stay with Us" or any other catchy idea just go to Lay Out and edit body where you will find many options including "Read More".
    6. Change the words "Read More" as per your choice and you are done.

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