How Skype Session Helped Me To Improve My Speech

Hi guys,
I hope you all will be fine. My name is Zeshan Ahmed, from
Lahore, Pakistan. I’m pursuing Bachelor in Computer Science from University of
Lahore. Today I’ll share my experience and achievements in speech because of
Skype Session.

You all might know about Skype Session that is arranged by +Karthik Rajagopalan brother on daily basis. I joined this session almost 1 and a half year ago. Sir Sachin ( +Sachin Srivastava ) suggested

me to join this skype session.

In start I was very nervous and afraid (don’t know of what :P). Karthik bro and +Rajesh Jaca bro encouraged me to speak. 
This session is actually based on many activities, including:
  • Introduction (Mandatory)
  • Story building
  • Slow Speech etc.
My speech was very bad, I used to stammer even in Skype Session with my fellow stammers because of nervousness or fear. But with the time after doing practice on the session of the same activity daily, my speech started improving. I’m really very thankful to Karthik bro, who kept encouraging me and giving me potential to speak. The main thing I have achieved from this Skype Session is that I came to know that what is the way I can speak without stammering. in other words I got thing due to what I can overcome my stammering. And that is “SLOW SPEAKING”. 
Whenever I speak with stammering, Karthik bro says me “Zeshan you are forgetting your way of speaking ;)”, and then I again start speaking in the way I can speak (and that is “Without Stammering”).

Why I’m giving credit to Skype Session?

This question is may arrived that why I’m giving credit to Skype Session? So the answer is that I’m an stammer and just like our lonely Earth in this universe, I felt myself an alone as an stammer. There was no one I have seen doing stammering my whole life in my vicinity. So I kept doing stammering the whole life, even I have taken an speech therapy for almost 5 years, but as my doctor was also a non-PWS, so to me it did nothing. 
Skype Session is the platform where all stammers gather, share things, discuss about stammering, and obviously there is no restriction of time (Alas! that’s not the same in other aliens, oh people :P), so this thing gave me all potential. And because of it, I talked too much, with no worries of time, I talked slowly, and as we all know “Practice makes a man perfect” so it became my habit to speak slow. And slow speaking means Stammering approximately equals to Zero :P. 
I got confidence because of the session. And it is not only in the Skype Session, a few months back I started applying the things I learnt from the Session in my regular life. That is:
  1. I talked to an Stranger Girl (Seriously it was a big task for me :P). I talked in slow manners (I did stammer but I was relax), I introduced myself to her and took her introduction. (In university).
  2. I started asking question in class. As it is with everything stammer, so of course it was with me as well. But after understanding too much I achieved this thing as well, still I do stammer while asking a question, but I got confidence to ask. 🙂
  3. A few months back, I gave my introduction to the whole class in the way I use to in skype session :). And even I was jealous of myself :P.
  4. One or two weeks ago, I gave presentation in auditorium. And I just stammered in two words in the whole presentation. And only because of speaking with confidence and with approximately zero stammering my teacher gave me full marks :). It’s a very big achievement in my left.
Beside all these achievements there are many other small achievements. And of course all credit goes to Skype Session because it made it possible.

I’m still an Stammer and will remain always because “Stammering is an habit that can not be removed, but it can be overcome”. So you and me will just have to find way to overcome it is. And obviously this is our body and this is our mind, we can control it ;). So we have to control it. and we will control it :). With the help of our seniors and ourselves.

I feel lucky to have all of you brothers and my beloved Sir Sachin :). Sir Sachin was the one who showed me the way and because of him, it all happens :). 
I will suggest all of you to come and join the Skype Session. It’s really a big opportunity for all of us.
from now I’ll keep sharing my achievements with you guys :). 
Together we will rock!
Thank you all of you,
Zeshan Ahmed
skype: shani20008

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    You inspire man…!!
    will join skype session as and when possible…!
    kudos to you…keep going.. 🙂

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Zeeshan for taking time to document your journey so thoroughly! Karthik deserves a big congrats! You too, who participated, and tried to practice the skills into outside real world deserve a big KUDOS- It is a big achievement- I know, since I too have walked that lonely path.. Keep moving ahead..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Zeehsan Bro – I am happy to see your blog and your success stories.
    You are inspiring.
    Keep sharing. All the best !
    Regards !

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @Priya, thank you Ma'am for your comment. I would love to see you in there. 🙂

    @Sachin, Sir, I had been trying to write on the blog for a long time, but I didn't get exact what I wanted to share in mind, somehow you can say I didn't have enough confidence to share all of this. But yesterday when I was preparing for today's paper, I got in mind, that i have to write now. And then I wrote it 😛 And from now InshaaAllah I'll try to write whenever I'll achieve something 🙂
    Thank you for your and Karthik bro's support.

    @Rajesh V, Bro thank you, all way had been showed to me by all of you. So all thanks to Sir Sachin and Karthik Bro.. 🙂

  5. abhishek 7 years ago

    very inspiring Zeshan.. Thanks for the post 🙂


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