A request….to senior members of TISA

Hello all my peers and dears,

Since last few days,ummmm few months actually, i can see HIGHLY positive,optimistic and ‘FULL OF LIFE’ posts by some senior TISA members here.

Every time, they would post some mind blowing post here illustrating how they are practicing various speech techniques particularly BOUNCING openly in their daily lives without even a hint of hesitation and consciousness.

Thats really great!!!

Because i have tried and trying very techniques also, but, always encountered mixed results, sometimes awesome and sometimes quite frustrating.And, being in continuous touch with a number of TISA members, I have come to know that they experience is quite similar to me….KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM

So, as these posts reveal, their experience is FAR FAR FAR better than me and other PWS.

So, i think the writers of these posts are surely on the path to be ROLE MODELS for me and others…i am Happy as well as a bit jealous too 🙂

But, as always, few cross questions are juggling in my mind; forced me to write this post.

1.) Do they really don’t meet any blocks or speech difficulties during practicing?

2.) Do they really have secured a place in the esteemed group of enlightened stammerers who have gone beyond stammering

So, i will request all these brothers to post about their somewhat struggling experiences (if exists) where they faced difficulties during exploring these techniques too.As the membership of TISA is growing day by day and hence, a large number of NEW members are supposed to read TISA blog daily and hence, it is our duty of senior members to present ourselves as well as our journey authentically.

It is our duty to let the NEW members know that on the path of ACCEPTNCE and going BEYOND stammering, they will experience bad days as well as good days.But the point is GOING ON…….

As, what i have experienced, any journey….any journey what ever it is, is never just full of good days; it has bad days i.e. days of struggles too.

Hope all my peers and dears will take my words in right prospective 🙂

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “A request….to senior members of TISA


    (June 24, 2013 - 4:09 am)

    Thanks Ashish!
    Yes, recovery from "stammering mindset" does not make us Superman! We are still subject to laws of gravity – and ups and downs of life, as it is for others..
    Whether we choose to share UP or DOWN moments, is a personal decision. But I see benefits of BOTH in the long run..Many of us have shared our difficulties too. For example, search for "Common men, Uncommon lives" on stammer.in and you will find plenty of such sharing.. (also even in this blog).
    BTW, we ALL missed you in this last Comm WS !! You too are a respected senior member of this community..


    (June 24, 2013 - 6:24 am)

    As we become older and older our stammering will take backseat automatically as we have other priorities to attend which are more important than stammering. For example now I am a Chief Engineer and has no time to think about my stammering. Though I am still stammering, I am really working hard and for the benefit of others I wish to inform that I got "OUTSTANDING" rating for the last 5 consecutive years from my dept. If I always thought about my stammering, I could not achieved this outstanding rating.My advice to everyone is work hard in your profession,do not waste much time in watching TV and reading news papers (instead read good books),watch good movies in theatre once in a while, go for a picnic once in 6 months, avoid junk foods,always be helpful to others, have a sound sleep of about 7 hours, meditate in the morning for about one hour, eat your food moderatly in time and last but not least spend atleast 30 min for stammering like practicing, reading blog and commenting blog articles, speak to fellow pws atleast once in a week, attend SHG meetings whenever conducted.
    If everyone practice above, I do not think why anyone fail in their life?. For your information I am following all the above in my day to day life.


    (June 24, 2013 - 7:03 am)

    Mani- Congratulations! THAT is definitely an achievement, for which we all can be justly proud!

    Prabhat tiwari

    (June 25, 2013 - 5:37 pm)

    Thanks ashish
    I think we must share our bad days and good days both but we should share more of our bad days because this will provide some sort of relief to other pws who are still struggling to survive in this fast moving world.

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