Hrithik Roshan way………The holistic approach

Although i started to stammer by the age of 12-14; don’t remember exactly.But it really started to irritate me since 2002.So,i am a saint who have traveled here and there; tried this and that in the search of enlightenment from the curse of stammering…and now this journey is more than 11 years.

Now, I have understood one thing very clearly!

It is not going to work at all if I will be putting my whole efforts in curing my stammer.I am surely going to stay unmarried forever if I will make a stand that I will marry only after curing my stammer.And this will be cruelty towards self……..Come on, I too need a wife ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 🙂

But there are high chances that I will improve considerably if I works holistically,i.e. I want a good girl in my life so I need to improve my speech.

In this case, my attention would not be completely captured by stuttering and there is a very good chance that i will improve my speech.

This is a holistic approach.

Take the example of Hrithik Roshan, he wanted to be a good actor.His motto was to become a good actor, and for that, he needed to gain some weight and make some muscles; he needed to learn dance and acting and off course he needed to improve his communication skills.So, his aim of life was not to GET RID of stuttering.Otherwise, i am sure we would not have such an excellent complete actor as he is.

I read somewhere that he used to practice for hours; not because his aim of life was to improve his stutter.But….but…….his motto was to become an excellent actor.

So, we all PWS……everyone of us can take a note from his hollistic approach and let us work towards our main motto in life and off course work on our speech towards achieving that target.

We needn’t to dedicate our lives to work on stuttering.Life is a lot more than stuttering.

Please don’t make it a monster unnecessarily.

If some day, you block while talking to a shopkeeper or ordering in a restaurant, don’t worry……it is not illegal….no one is going to put you behind the wars.And, similarly, if someday, you talk fluently in those situations, then no one is going to reward you with a PARAM VEER CHAKRA.

So, let us use our minds, be some logical and lets think beyond stuttering.

This post of mine is specially meant for all the new members of our TISA family most of them are surely very young and they have the potential to achieve anything in their lives.So, with they will make full use of opportunity called life and will not prove a martyr just fighting stammering all their lives……

P.s. – By the way folks, don’t take my words about my marriage seriously. Wo to maine thoda post ko thoda interesting aur spicy banane ke liye likha tha…:-) 🙂  


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Nice post. Please use "Jupmback" (Readmore)option in every time.

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Really a very good post Ashish and should be an eye opener not only to young but also to all the pws.Thanks for posting this thoughtful one.

  3. Sachin 7 years ago

    And if you dont marry just because of stammer, it will be cruelty to your future wife too..
    TISA strongly objects to that! :))
    Great post!!

  4. admin 7 years ago

    nice spice to an excellent post 🙂
    jokes apart…it is always a pleasure to read about PWS who carved a stand for themselves in this otherwise "normal" world among these otherwise "normal" people…and Hrithik Sir has been one of those constant source of inspiration for us.. 🙂 hats off to him and the others.. 🙂

  5. admin 7 years ago

    Amazing this is called accepting ones stutter and moving forward …and make ones life spicy..way to go..:)

  6. Sanket Parmar 6 years ago

    My experience says the more importance you give to stammering the more severe it becomes. I after exploring a lot of reasons can finally say that My reason for stammering is because I was never allowed to do anything but study. When finally i grew a little older (10-12 years) I was so scared to talk to people (because that is something that i never did) that i started to get stuck. My entire school and college life was lost because of the stammering problem. Later when i had good friends my problem lessened a bit. Now the problem is very less. So less than most people dont notice. Although it is related to my emotional state. Sometimes I go weeks without stammering and sometimes it is severe but I am doing way better than i used to before. Confidence is the key and dedication to get that confidence. After knowing Hrithik had stammering he has always been my role model. Its imp to be calm but at the same time to understand whats at stake with an improved fluency. It is still very difficult for me to give a speech in a hall but i am able to talk properly in front of 10 people together. Just be confident and imagine ur the best in the world.


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