Live Free – Whatever happens is for good only

(Write-up by Nishil)
The meeting began at 2.00 pm in a cloudy saturday noon.
Nayeemuddin,Nishil,Akash,Anbu,Kishan,venkataraju,Avnish,Anand,Sairam and Dinesh, had gathered.The meeting started off with slow reading to monitor the pace of speech, it was reading line by line altenatively by 2 people so that it would force us to create rhythm each time we start.
Next came the Prepared speeches by Nishil,Thenna,Akash,Kishan,Anbu,Anand.
Nishil started off the speech with “change” and its effects,Anand started off with a thought provoking pratical session on benefits of open posture and “handwriting analysis”, anbu “why planning is important” had a nice ring of humour along with a beautiful message , Kishan “the road so far in Accenture” , a neat recollection of his journey in accenture in a free flow speech was very inspiring. Tenna took us to through the serenity “Music” brings to life, the ease of speech and the topic gripped everyone, .Akash -“Live Free”-no matter what comes in life we will succeed was a strong takeaway for all of us – he said “Whatever happens is for good only”
Next was the round of pick and speak some of the thought provoking questionnaire was in those chits.
The introduction was kept as the final leg of the gathering.
The introduction was done with closed eyes and ears(using noise blokers!) ,it was an interesting experience.
The day ended as another chapter of shg bangalore closed paving way to a new one.
Please contact dinesh.aredevil”at” to join bangalore shg
Ph no – 98800 50526
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2 thoughts on “Live Free – Whatever happens is for good only


    (June 27, 2013 - 3:50 am)

    Wow! So many things!


    (June 27, 2013 - 10:20 am)

    Great. I would like to call Bangalore SHG as ISG (Intellectual Sharing Group). Keep it up.

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