When going gets tough..

(write-up by Nishil)
Event Timeline :14.00-17.00 13/7/13 Madiwala  
It was a bright Saturday morning  in Bangalore ,dampened was the noon due to intermittent rain, but even rain could not dampen the spirit of SHG Bangalore.
The lively spirits in the meetup  were Akash,Abhinav,Dinesh,Jitu,Sairam,Karthik,Navdeep,Jagjit,Nishil and Manish.

So the meet begins
Activity 1:
1.Reading and narration –understanding while reading, and explaining.
Narration is as important as reading ,in this activity the essence of narrative reading was up for scrutiny. To understand the context as we read, and narrate it to the audience was a new experience. This activity also avoided the monotonous reading pattern which we develop by practice and makes it more interesting.
Reference used for reading: “Science of Breath, by Swami Rama”
We were in for a pleasant surprise when a roleplay activity came up.
The roleplay was about “What would happen if Aliens stammer!!!!!!!”.Nishil,Jitu and Jagjit enacted the play.
Reference : Script by Jagjit – Sometime later we shall share the script, its about Sachin Sir being kidnapped by aliens to make their life better! 🙂
3.Prepared Speeches:
Karthik started the prepared speeches rolling , he retraced the activities done on the previous SHG meetup ,it was refreshing to recollect the memories to those present last week, and information for the people who could not attend previous meet .  
Sairam chose the topic inspiration , and what a inspiring session it was, 2 sort videos showcasing the commitment and passion of 2 different individuals achieving their dreams, one stutterer entering into the americon idol!!!!!, another blind masterchef !!!!, both people with vigour and passion successfully accomplished their dreams, And combined with smart Sairam’s gritty speech it was a session to remember.  
Nishil next came up with the topic he enjoyed playing the most –chess, he started with his personal experience with chess, and then described the origins of chess and its connections to india.It was a informative speech .
Navdeep gave the speech which was interactive of all , -Mosquitos Lifecycle. It was very interesting to know the facts about mosquitos and their food habits, life and death. Navdeep was up for Q&A at the end of session which took more than the speech itself  .
Thanks for all the evaluators for their feedback.   
4.The discussion on Speech Techniques.
The last activity was to brainstorm the speech techniques, practices followed by each one.

The meeting ended with a resolve to move forward even when things seems difficult.

As the saying goes “when going gets tough ,The Tough gets going”


PS – To be part of Bangalore SHG contact Dinesh
Mail – dinesh.daredevil “at” gmail.com
Mob – 9880050526

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Would love to write a sequel to that kidnapping story..
    Keep on having fun and meeting each other..No better tonic than this…

  2. Nayeem4PWS 7 years ago

    Good work Nishil….

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Bangalore SHG members, Pl do not kidnap Dr.Sachin as he has to do lot of service for TISA!!! Great going by Bangalore SHG. Pl keep it up. As I suggested in my previous comments, have you tried slow mode of speech?. If not, try in the next meeting at least for one hour.

  4. Chandra Shekar 7 years ago

    Beautifully written Nishil….


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