Registrations Open: TISA National Conference on 4, 5 and 6 October in Delhi

Important updates :
 1. Last Date for registrations is 15th August 2013. We will do bookings and planning only for the number of people registered by this date so that we can efficiently use the hard earned money of the participants. So the chances for “on-the-spot” registrations are close to NIL. We request people to please cooperate and make life a bit easier for the organizers!
           If you need any kind of financial assisstance do send an email to info(at_the_rate)

 2. Tentative Agenda :
Mind you- this is TENTATIVE! You can change it by emailing us, what you would like to talk about. Since time is short and speakers are many, we are having group presentations: so choose a partner and topic- and let us know at the EARLIEST! Dont feel SHY! Not just presentation- it can be other formats too: Sing, dance, share joke, small role play, mimicry..anything you love to do. We will try to accommodate it in one of the two parallel streams. Hurry up please!

3. Accomodation Booking –
4. Registration confirmations-
Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce that the venue and the dates for the National Conference have been finalized as 4, 5 and 6 October (i.e. Fri, Sat and Sun) in Indian Social Institute (ISI) Delhi. It is meant for adults and children who stammer, their families and friends. It is less about “cure & therapy” and more about self-help, attitudes and life beyond stammering. Fun and exploration beyond traditional approaches! It is about celebration of our diversity!

Updates :

1. Registration fees for full three days is Rs 1000 (This will include lunch and snacks) . (Find the account details at the end of this post. 2 more bank options ADDED!). You can also pay your registration fees to your SHG coordinator. As soon as you pay the amount, do send an email to info [at the rate] stammer [dot]in .

2.  Here is the Registration form (link).

3.  Room rates for ISI are as follows :
      a) Rooms: 40 Two beds rooms Rs 600 for one person; Rs 800 for two person;
            (Note: Rs 1000 per day will be charged additionally if we use AC in rooms)
     b) Dormitory: 2 five beds rooms and 3 three beds rooms – Rs 350 per bed;

NOTE: Being a govt organization (cheapest accommodation in Delhi) it is very likely that the rooms available in ISI will be occupied soon. That’s why its strongly advised to book your rooms before 31st of July. For any help regarding accommodation please call Pramendra (09654363005) Abhishek (09873492722) Jitendra (07503189365) or you may also contact your SHG coordinator.      

Since the Venue is well connected by Delhi Metro ( 5 minutes walk from JLN Stadium Metro Station), you can opt to stay anywhere. The complete address is-

Indian Social Institute, 10, Institutional Area, Lodi Road
New Delhi, DL 110003. Phone -011 4953 4000
  (We will try to put a few more accommodation options, if possible )
4. Suggestions for workshops/talks are welcome. If you want to be a speaker, mail us at info [at the rate] ( We are working on Agenda. It will be posted here soon. Meanwhile, you may like to check agenda from one of our previous events :  ) For those who are still wondering what do we do at our National Get Togethers, here are two links to read all about our last two events : First and Second National Get Together.

5.  We have booked  auditorium with the capacity of around 200 seats. Lets fill all of them 🙂

6. Bank Account Details for Registration fees.
 1. ICICI Bank
        a) Account Holders Name : Jai Prakash Sunda
        b) Branch :   ICICI Bank, Infosys Mysore Branch
        c) Account number : 055801505760
        d) IFSC code : ICIC0000558

        a) Account Holders Name : Jai Prakash Sunda
        b) Branch :   SBI Bank, Air Force Station Maharajpura, Gwalior
        c) Account number : 32719848981
        d) IFSC code : SBIN0030373

Keep checking this space for regular updates



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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Great…! I am coming.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Great! Let us start working on content..

  3. Neeraj 6 years ago

    Great! How do we reach ISI in Lodi Road from Karol Bagh through Metro?

  4. Mayank Harjika 6 years ago

    Great Work !! It will be a good learning experience for all of us.

  5. admin 6 years ago

    Good work by Delhi SHG.

  6. admin 6 years ago

    I've been coming

  7. Anand 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for given venue address.

    We meet together to make it memorable for all of us.

    Anand Singh
    from (Delhi SHG)

  8. balveer singh 6 years ago

    Great! An opportunity to learn a lot for all pws.
    I will be coming.

  9. Sachin 6 years ago

    Congrats to the team! Keep up the pace..and keep posting updates under this post..Put up links elsewhere too (Orkut, Yahoo etc.).
    Please request SHG coordinators to, help registration of their members.. Request Conference (skype/Google) to discuss and promote NC..

  10. admin 6 years ago

    Congratulations Delhi SHG for organising the Conference.
    kindly keep a slot for my talk on Saturday.
    Wish all the success for the conference.

  11. Vishal Gupta 6 years ago


  12. sumit vashist 6 years ago

    wow!!! ican't wait now…

  13. sumit vashist 6 years ago

    wow!!! i can't wait now

  14. suraj chandra deo 6 years ago

    I am coming

  15. admin 6 years ago

    did my registration….

  16. Vijay Kumar 6 years ago

    great teem work.

  17. Anshul 6 years ago

    Great !, should be a learning with fun for everyone.
    Looking forward.

  18. Sachin 6 years ago

    The agenda MUST have a spot for Dr Tejpal- on Vipassana.
    Also, can anyone get in touch with that Air Force officer in Delhi, who wrote a book? and invite him?

  19. Jagbir 6 years ago


    Can i Come on the last day 6th of October. I live in delhi only. Do i need to get myself registered and pay the Rs. 1000 as registration.

  20. admin 6 years ago

    Yes Jagbir the Registration amount of Rs 1000 is mandatory unless you apply for financial aid. Since you are coming only for one day, you can pay Rs 500.


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