Giving back

Sometime in 2008, I shared this funny piece about my stammering on Stuttering home page. I visited it again today and was able to recall “special” emotions I felt at that time- five years ago! I was nervous; My mind constantly bickered: Are you not going too far? What if so and so read it? What if they questioned you about it in your next professional assignment? Interview? etc. etc.

 It seemed as if, all the “Evil Dead” jumped on my shoulders at the same time, just because I wanted to put down an Urdu couplet on the homepage!

So, how did I throw off that army of Evil Dead? and write down that funny piece? Simple- just because hundreds of people had done the same thing on Kuster’s home page before me! That gave me courage. HUGE courage.”What man has done, man can do!”

In other words, if a group of people does something in a public space, it immediately becomes OK and helps others to emulate the example. This is how a small group can gradually change the society. THIS is the task which therapists cant (wont?) do; Only you can do it.

So, when you participate in National conference, you help not only yourself (as witnessed by the participants of last two NCs) but ALSO help that young shy pws, who is attending an event like this for the FIRST time in her/his life. For her/him, it is unthinkable that a pws could ever be at peace with their stammering, could have a career, a college degree, a job, a life, a hobby, a family, friends, ambitions, dreams.. Imagine her/his disbelief when they see you, interact with you and then go away “reformed”..

Many people have asked me in last 7-8 years: how can I help? THIS is how you can help us. Just Come! Take the leap of FAITH..


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Quite a motivation !!!

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Wow simply superb…We help each other in this community..Great and Strong with bonded Love !


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