herbertpur…barking dogs….police jeep….hotel room

Finally, I made it to herbertpur for a wholesome of 8-10
days. I was feeling very low at my job and was desperate for some refreshment.
I was dropped at the herbertpur bus stop at about 3 AM
today. The darkness of night was very powerful. With a heavy bag in one hand
and water bottle in another, I march towards the well lightened central chowk.
I was getting passed a number of local gangs of dogs. You
know, these local gangs of dogs don’t like outsiders; neither dogs not humans.
Every time they started barking at me, I would give them
proper answer with some HINDI abuses; along with charging my bottle as if it is
a BOMB. And, luckily, it worked every time. This technique was taught to me in
my childhood itself by some senior friends.

I reached the central lightened chowk and even I saw a small
tea shop; a pleasant surprise.3 people were sipping their tea and discussing
national politics. I was wishing these guys to sit in the parliament as they
were discussing all those national interest issues even at 3 AM in the morning
and on the other side, leaders sent by us to the parliament used to sleep or
fight like dogs.
Anyways, that was not my cup of tea at that time.  So, inspite of their suggestion to wait till
3.30 am for a newspaper carriage vehicle towards vikas nagar, I left that tea
shoppe and preferred to stand on the vikasnagar road and try my luck for some
Within a span of 2 min, I got a young guy with a mini truck welcoming
me in his GADDI for my destination HOTEL KAILASH.
I drop out of his vehicle, thanked him and offered him few
bucks as fare which he rejected generously, I see off him smiling and, quickly
crossed the road to get in the hotel.
But, I saw a big lock hanging outside.I got it that nobody
is inside.
Still, I shouted 2-3 times if god can send someone to open
it for me because I was tired.
But, obviously, GOD has 125 crore more people only in INDIA
to heard out for.
So, no one came outside and I was confirmed that I was going
to take a lift again and was not sure if I will be lucky again.
And, I crossed the road again and started trying for lift
Instead of some GADDI wala, I was noticed by few dogs again.
I don’t know why these dogs love me so much. They always
find me by any means.
Anyways, they started to shout all the way. From
left..right….here..there…it was an all sided attack.
And, there was no sign of any human spices within my eye
sight range. So, considering the trouble some situation, I decided that I will
not leave my post (my current location) and every time they bark, I will reply
suitably making sure not to make them too angry as there were not any big
stones at the border of the road.
So, just that water bottle was my only ammunition.
I keep on trying for lift and I was noticed by a police
jeep. That was not good as unfortunately, in our country, police is more of a
investigating agency who will always doubt you rather than be a friend.
So, they started to bombard their boring questions and I was
trying to convince them with suitable replies.
I was stuttering and they were noticing that too.
Fortunately, they didn’t relate it to drinking case and they ignored it.
Even after showing all those ID proofs and answering all
their questions and asking for help for some lift to any other hotel, they
further irritated me with that last enquiry question—Get your luggage checked.
I got a bit aggressive on it and they condole me at
it because they can talk harshly to a citizen but a citizen should talk to them
giving due respect everytime.
“ Dekhi iski akad, aa gaya
na apni Haryana wali pe”
They referred my this aggressiveness as an intrinsic
attribute of my native state, Haryana
Anyways, anticipating some serious trouble, I felt sorry for
my aggressive words and get my back checked smiling.
Now they were satisfied.
So, now I was expecting that they will give me lift to
another hotel or atleast use their influence to get me quick lift in some
running vehicle.
But, as they were going to other side, so they make me blessed
with their precious advice that next hotel is about 2 kms away straight. So,
pick your luggage and move fast.
Finally I reached hotel guru kripa, rent a room and slept


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Bravooo Ashish!!! This is really a terrible experience with barking dogs at the pitch dark. Here afterwards you no need to worry about your stammering. Even a normal person would have fainted in this situation. Has off to you.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Quite a night :)..

    I have been known to charge at dogs at nights..before they even give me an indication that they might bark at me..i bark better than them..and yes it works ..dogs are good at reading body language..they can smell and read fear..

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Good that after all these years, you finally reached Herbetpur 🙂 And police patrolling in VikasNagar seems unusual. It seems like things are changing!!

  4. admin 6 years ago

    Nicely written Asish.


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