Post workshop reflections..

Three rounds of “Racing Moto”, two runs of “Beach Buggy” and many pot-shots of “Angry birds”*- and 5 km biking- and I am ready for the world again. (Yes, I am beginning to tire after CommWS- and need to unwind properly soon after it!). 

In the morning I saw a Ted video, by a lady- God bless her- she proposed and proved that playing computer games is good, healthy and improves cognitive functions, mental health and longevity! So far, whenever my wife passed by, I used to promptly mute my Angry birds or hide it!
Imagine: a 54 year old bald, white bearded man, a pws, slouching over his tablet and playing “Temple Run”, for example! Jabbing away with his fingers on that little device… Isn’t that scandalous? somewhat immoral??
Well, that is how I unwind. But looking back, I think, I enjoyed these three days too! I was thrilled when Arpit’s Grandpa, Mr Ranjan captured the spirit of the entire workshop so well in the following question:

If you do not like yourself, how can you expect others to like you, love you, respect you?

Yes, I know and I have tried to covey this as well- the battle is not over. It begins NOW.. as we go home, to our own specific context, job, community and challenges.. We have encouraged people to think about it by asking them to brain storm, prioritise and share three things they will be doing AFTER the workshop in the last session..

I hope and pray that we all will stick by our resolutions, will keep in touch with each other, offer and take help, never stop exploring possibilities within and without..

I want to thank everyone: Arpit, his family; Hemant, Ashish and Anupinder for help with organizing it; Suraj, Shobhit, Subhash, Vinay, Rakesh, Vaibhav, Atul..and Sumit’s father too, for organizing the interaction at local police station..that was some challenge!


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    It needs a lot of courage,willpower and dedication to follow your passion.

    You have that.

    You are a role model for many of us.

    And,we all thank you again for your continued commitment towards TISA

  2. admin 7 years ago

    सर आप हम सबके लिये एक प्रेरणास्त्रोत है । आपके सानिध्य मे PWS सिर्फ़ fluency shaping techniques ही नही सिखते और भी कई मानवीय गुण अनायास ही सीख रहे हैं, जो व्यक्तित्व मे fluency से ज्यादा जरुरी है ।
    सभी आध्यात्मिक गुरु भी कहते हैं अपने अंदर के बच्चे को जगाओ, जो सच और झूंठ मे, पाप और पुण्य मे फ़र्क नहीं समझता (त्रिगुनातीत अवस्था) , और आपने उस बच्चे को जगाकर रखा है ये एक बहुत बडी बात है ।
    कल मैंने अनुपिंद्र जी से फोन पर पूछा – workshop कैसी रही और सबसे ज्यादा खुशी ये जानकर हुई कि Master अर्पित बिना किसी के सिखाये ही के तीसरे दिन Bouncing का प्रयोग अनायास ही करने लगा था । that is the power of Atmosphere, which TISA providing under your guidance

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Great Sachin! How tirelessly you are working?. What a commitment? I never come across such a dedicated person. You are the real divine creature. I pray God to give long life and sufficient energy for serving TISA and show light to more PWS. God bless you Sachin.

  4. abhishek 7 years ago

    How badly I missed this ws! Hope all had lot of fun and life altering experience.You have been real inspiration for many of us pws.


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