August 10th Meet – A WriteUp

Hello Everybody,
      Below is a writeup
of the Kolkata SHG meet held on Saturday, August 10th. (Apologies
for the length!!)
This was so far, the largest gathering. The infant is
growing (hopefully!).
Total attendees were 7.


There were the 4 old regulars… (J)
Mr Pratim Bandopadhaya
Mr Subhodip
Miss S Roy
We had three new participants
Mr Santosh Prasad : A Commerce graduate and
employed at a Chartered Firm.
Mr Debarpan Naha: A final year Btech student of
Electrical Engg.
Mr Pratik Gupta : A Mechanical Engineer.
The meet was held at the fabled, intellectual hub “Coffee
House”. Just as half a century ago, ideas of social churning and revolution
were discussed here, accompanied by endless cups of coffee and cigarettes, we
hoped that the same would apply in our case….. After all we were also gathering
for betterment!!
[One personal comment: 
Coffee house has an air of nostalgia. I experienced it head-on. As soon
as I entered, I bumped into an old flame of mine…..hahahaha. I managed a
smile….She stared at me surprised….after all it has been 3 long years! I
quickly evaded her penetrating glance and called out to the others to take a
Thanks to Miss Soma Roy’s alertness, we managed to quickly
spot a vacant table and rushed to occupy it. After all it was evening, and that
too a Saturday! We were lucky to get a table without having to wait overtly.  Initially there were three of us, Soma,
Pratimda and me. We were soon joined by, Pratik, followed by Debarpan and then
Santoshji.  In the fag end came Subhodipda,
like a hurricane and started gobbling up the ordered sandwiches!!
After individual introductions, each one of us shared our
views of stammering, it’s repercussions and past experiences. The newbies were
eager to learn various techniques to not only manage their stammer, but deal
with the internal emotional strife caused by the same. 
Each one of us had so much to talk about, and discussing
various incidents of our life consisted of majority portion of what was talked
about. The newbies were especially eager to share many of their experiences.       Pratik,
for instance, talked about his experiences of recent college campussing
interviews. This fair, handsome engineer later shared with me his  Army SSB interview experience. In spite of having
quite a severe stammer, he made it into the final round, being one of the 11
candidates, out of over 400!! Wow. 
Debarpan, to shared many of his experiences. One which I clearly
remember was, how he quite often, while teaching his juniors, sometimes wrote
the word beforehand in order to hide the block on that word. Havn’t we all done
something or are still doing somethings of a similar nature?? Santoshji, is a
very moderate stammerer, with stammering occurring only under stressful
conditions. Santoshji was eager to overcome the deep internal strife in having
to hide/control  his stammering in those
trying situations.  
We regular folks, being the seasoned ones, not only shared
some of our own experiences, but also spoke on the techniques we use to
overcome/control  our stammer.
Miss Roy, (who speaks 
very soothingly) spoke of her tryst with stammering. She has had taken a
correspondence course from a stammering cure center about a year and a half
back. She shared with us, its efficacy and various techniques. She still
practices the instructions religious, everyday! Wow.
Pratimda told us of his experience while appearing for an
interview many year’s back. The gradual changes in stammering frequency during
the course of successive interviews reminded me of very similar experiences.
Pratimda, stressed that stammering was a psycho-physiological disorder.
Pratimda has done extensive research on the subject of stammering, and is a
wizened soul regarding the same.   
I personally spoke of the techniques and exercises I follow
and practice. I pointed out some other available techniques. I also tried to
shed some light on “Seehan’s Iceberg” analogy with stammering.
This was followed by a quick round of debate. The topic
being – “Is Stammering Curable?”                       For the motion
were:  Soma, Pratik and Santoshji                                                                                         Against: 
Pratimda, Debarpan and Me.                                                                                                       Moderator!! 
– Subhodipda!
The experience was very enlightening for me, as I have never
quite participated in a debate. Needless to say, I was offcourse the best
speaker (so I presume….. J)
Proceedings finally ended with Subhodipda  giving priceless address to the newcomers on
acceptance of ones stammering. This he topped with various techniques, which
would suit each of them, depending on their level of present fluency. He was
also, broad hearted enough to foot in the bill!! [Which included many cups of
coffee and Sandwiches!! Hahaha].
It was planned during the course of the meet that we would
try and meet  once every month, if not
every fortnightly, face-to-face for a couple of hours. This along-with Skype
Calls, twice a week was proposed. These two activities, along with regular
self-practice, should pave the wave for better and more confident
Ending on this note. And hoping that this writeup inspires
many more to join us the next time we get together……
Participants of Saturday’s Meet. From Left:  Pratik, Santoshji, Debarpan, “The Handsome
Me”, Pratimda and finally Soma. Picture taken by Subhodipda.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

6 thoughts on “August 10th Meet – A WriteUp


    (August 15, 2013 - 4:58 pm)

    thnx kushalda for describing the whole meet…that evening was one of best evenings in my life…I wish we'll have regular SHG's like this and above all thanx to TISA….this has changed my life…


    (August 16, 2013 - 3:24 am)

    Aha- I can see that the baby is not only growing – but capturing everyone's heart! The context, the format and the documentation reminds me very much of a page from a 19th century Bhadralok's diary- I mean, very stylish and charming!
    carry one girls and guys!


    (August 16, 2013 - 3:29 am)

    This seems to be one of the few SHGs where women too are participating..! I am impressed! Let us make TISA a gender sensitive and gender responsive organization..
    Keep it up Kolkatans..



    (August 16, 2013 - 7:39 am)

    Dude Kushal!,
    I have always be an admirer of your lively and fun filled writing..
    Keep meeting and keep writing.

    Subhodip is an old frind, convey my wishes to him.

    A cup of hot Coffee, few old friends, new ideas and a Perfect setting –
    What more can you ask for!!


    (August 16, 2013 - 3:40 pm)

    Very good write up.I wish to share a piece of information here. stammering should not be measured outwardly based on its severity ie mild, moderate or severe stammerer. It should be measured inwardly ie how one feels emotionally inside. I came across a few so called 'severe' stammerer but their faces are always bright and smiling and visa verse for the so called 'mild' stammerer. These are all in our inner mind only and not in our outer look. Pl avoid using the term 'moderate' or 'mild' stutter. We are all stutterer. That's all. There is no partisan among us.

    It is always better to have a meeting once in a week. It is like charging our batteries. From my experience, the 'charge' you get from one SHG meeting will last for one week only. It need s to be charged again.It need not be a big number always. Even 2 or 3 members make wonders.

    Kudos to the woman who attended the meeting for her bravery. On the behalf of Chennai SHG, my best wishes to all the Kolkatta members and try to keep this tempo.


    (August 18, 2013 - 7:26 pm)

    Thank you everyone, for the warm comments.

    Mani sir, will keep ur words in minds.

    Best wishes all.

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