voluntary stuttering @ lehman hospital, herbertpur

It was a rainy evening and only i was there to give company to Dr.Sachin for the weekly SHG meeting.

It is my 12th day at herbertpur.

Unlike regular SHG meeting at Anugrah meeting hall, Doc take to me lehman hospital for REAL LIFE PRACTISES.

Now, i understood why he was so keen for me to watch UNSPEAKABLE again and again.

Because he was planning to rope me for the indian mini version of UNSPEAKABLE.But now i am  relaxed that it was just a screen test as he didn’t used any camera in it.

Anyways, it was my turn to do voluntary stammering with various creatures in the hospital premises.

“” Doc- Ashish, go to that red t-shirt guy and ask him, BHAI SAHAB CANTEEN KAHAN HAI and you have to stammer at the word CANTEEN with shaking your head and murmuring your lips and stretch the word alphabet as long as you can.””

I readily went to that guy and i asked the said enquiry with 3-4 easy bouncings, but didn’t make those real life facial expressions that i used to face when i stuck on a real block.

Then Doc explained me that voluntary stammering means STAMMERING EXACTLY THE WAY YOU STAMMER DURING AN ACTUAL BLOCK.

Then I tried to perform voluntary stammering with a number of persons with those facial expressions and body movements.

Gradually, i was observing that my stammering was getting more and more real, specially on my feared words.

Also, as always, most of the people were co-operating even though the way i was stammering was quite prone to smiling responses.

After doing it a number of times, i feel that if i can do it regularly at my home town too, i will surely be out of fear of stammering as hence stammering itself.

I felt light after doing it.And, coming back to hotel room, i tried it with a few people in nearby market.

Before doing it, i was nervous; presence of Dr.sachin him self and 2 year old membership with TISA lessen this nervousness, still i was nervous.

During the practice, fear of a blocks and people’s reaction started to melt.

After completing the assignment, it is very clear that i keep on doing it REGULARLY, i will be a different person by attitude in few months.But, being REGULAR is the key.

Let us see what challenge Doc have for me tomorrow as it would be my last day here 🙂

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “voluntary stuttering @ lehman hospital, herbertpur


    (August 19, 2013 - 1:08 am)

    Great Ashish. Keep it up and face the fear.


    (August 19, 2013 - 5:21 am)

    great idea.
    I am eagerly waiting to A-a-a-act in indian HINDI version of UNSPEAKABLE.

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