I am still not able to accept that sometimes, i will get stuck and might not be able to get that word out at all.

I am still not able to accept that sometimes, people will smile seeing me struggling through those words and alphabets.

Hope, one day i will be able to be in peace with my voice and my stutter


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Have you accepted all other issues in life? But life goes on, in spite of that.. Use the same principle here as well..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Ek din main Anupindar ji se phone pr baat kr raha tha. Anupindar ji ne ek bahut achchhi baat btayi. bole – agar hum 1-2 saal volunteer stuttering hi kr le (no problem if we slip in natural stammering) to hum accept bhi kr lenge aur stammering se overcome bhi ho jayenge. Vaise bhi abhi tak ham Konsa achchha hi bol rahe hain. 1-2 saal aur sahi.


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