A one man army in Life is what matters…Self Help leads to success

This is mail from Neeraj to SHG members. I want to share his experience which could be inspirational to read and implement in life.
Congrats Mr.Neeraj ! Proud of you Bro..

A very Good Day to all the wonderful people in HYD SHG..

It takes a toll on you if you have to struggle for keeping you in job and that too in this cut-throat competitive world.. I went through a trauma in the last 1 and half month and then I realized where I stand.. The industry where I work is very volatile and one has to be prepared for any SHIT that can happen.. When our project got outsourced to cheaper Asian markets, we were told we are out of Job and we have got 3 months to place ourselves within the organization ( Thank God, Bank of America doesnt ask its employees to leave, atleast the IT division doesnt do it).. Based on the experience and knowledge you possess you will be placed in various teams as the openings arise in those teams, that is what our VP told us.. a month passed and everyone from hyderabad team got placed.. EXCEPT me.. My manager tried a lot to push me to various teams and I had to interact with different hiring managers.. The worst day of my life was 2 weeks back when after giving two interviews in the same team, they rejected me because I didnt possess communication skills.. I was totally shattered by hearing that from my manager and he said, Neeraj I cant do anything more for you unless you help yourself.. they were harsh words but I have learnt to accept such things.. I was having a sleepless nights and the only thing that kept revolving in my head was WHY ME.. GOD WHY THE _ME.. I was putting fake smiles, avoiding my old team mates as they already moved to nice processes.. Then I realized its Now or Never.. I started searching my own job in my organization as my manager had lost hope on me.. I went to one, then to another then to another.. Finally yesterday I got selected in UNIX Platform Production servers team.. This 1 and half month had been the most toughest days of my life.. Thankful that I have some great friends and a loving would be Fiancee who would always stand by me and give me strength to fight the adversities.. I feel happy today and relaxed.. See you tomorrow in the SHG Meeting..  You guys are awesome who always give me strength..  As Mick Jagger rightly said, “You cant always get what you want.. but if you try sometimes, you’ll get what you Need..”  
Cheers Folks..
And yeah, I am out of the NIGHT SHIFT job.. 🙂

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Touching and true! Congrats! This is what life is all about. Many of us keep on waiting for a miracle- instead of working for it. You did and you were rewarded. Can any lesson be simpler than this?

  2. abhishek 6 years ago

    so true and inspiring.. even TISA's philosophy is Apna Haath Jagannath 🙂

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Congratulations Neeraj for your 'not to give up' attitude. This post would be an eye opener to many job aspirants. This is the power of SHG. There is no substitute for it.

  4. mayur kamble 6 years ago

    I am probably one of the happiest persons to know this of my best friend. It has been a long struggle and the rough seas of life would always try to tumble the ship. It is the direction and control which we need to make our route. You made it my friend. You made it!!

  5. Neeraj Prabhakar 6 years ago

    Thanks sirs..

    Truly SHGs transform the thoughts of every PWS.. We are lucky to have Rajesh in our SHG who always portrays the never to give up attitude..

    Thanks, Rajesh Bro..

  6. Neeraj 6 years ago

    Mayur: Brother, u r the one who inspired me since I met u in Goa 13 years back.. I knew u would stand by me always.. thanks for being there mate..


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