An evening walk to remember

Jasbir ji has come to Hyderabad for some official work and we had a 2nd SHG meetup for yesterday apart from morning’s SHG meeting..
We had a great time discussing about Stammering, Vipassana and sweet memories which TISA has created in life.

We have discussed about how we are working on daily practice and how it is benefiting in building confident speech patterns. We have cherished beautiful journey which TISA has given and remembered the days how we were before joining TISA and what change it has brought in each of us.

He has shared his pleasant experience on Vipasaana and his daily 1 hour practice on it.
He said that daily practice of Vipasaana can bring great change in ones life and makes us spiritually connected with showers of cosmic rays which gives strength to body.

After debating for sometime on stammering genes and other aspects of stammering we had an evening walk where we discussed about how we can improve SHGs and how to give awareness on stammering and TISA in colleges.
We spoke much about spiritual things.
We wished each other and were thankful to God and TISA for association.

Its a nice experience to meet TISA members like this and get guidance and share our thoughts.
If we are on spiritual lines and if we believe the supremo then we shall also believe that miracles will happen for everyone and the beauty of life is to walk in search of the Lord and dissolve in his power.


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    This is very good example of meeting other SHG members and share their experiences which will really help each other. Good to know that Rajesh found extra time on Sunday to meet Mr.Jasbir in the light of other PWS hard to find time to attend SHG meetings once in a week.Very good example by Rajesh.

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Yes, Jasbir ji is really good at checking out SHGs in different corners of the country and inspiring them!

  3. admin 7 years ago

    I had a memorable evening with Rajesh and learnt so much from him. I always get motivated with his energy level.

    Thanks Rajesh for coming all the way to hotel to meet me and posting a very prompt blog.


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