emotions after a long block…

Today i ordered pizza at domino’s and waited for those ’30 min guaranteed’ delivery time.

But as i stuttered bad at the word PLANET while saying pizza planet last week, so i decided to voluntary stuttering with the delivery boy on the word PLANET when he will be here as there is no way he can get out without listening to me completely and giving a fair reply 🙂

So, he was here, delivered the pizza and when he was get his back towards me for signing off…i just get out of my room and asked his about pizza PPPPPPP  PPPPP  PLANET.

As expected, i faced a long block and after doing bit bouncing, i immediately slipped into my natural stammering style when i anticipated that bouncing or any other technique is not working.

It was quite good stammering…..i pull out 2-3 times also….people were watching me eagerly what i am trying to say as well as that poor delivery boy….and finally i get the word….he replied me and i immediately get into my room and lock the room from inside.

At that time, my emotions were very high….i just thought to get myself isolate completely.I immediately gulp that pizza and gradually my emotions got settled at the normal level.

But this is a repeated story whenever i try to face a feared word or alphabet infront of a bunch of people……it is just a repeated story.

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4 thoughts on “emotions after a long block…


    (August 29, 2013 - 4:57 pm)

    I did not understand.. the "Planet"..and the "Pull Out".. thing..shed some more light please…


    (August 29, 2013 - 10:45 pm)

    @ Joy deep -I got stuck on the word PLANET while trying to speak PIZZA PLANET. And, Pull out is a speech technique to deal with stammering where we stop and try to speak again while encountering a speech block.


    (August 30, 2013 - 2:15 am)

    Do not plan anything in advance.It will induce more stress on you. Just plan it and forget until that situation comes.This is applicable for normal people also.As Bagavat Geeta says 'Do your action and do not expect any returns'. You just go on practicing it and you will succeed in one day. try…try…try…no other option. All the best.


    (September 1, 2013 - 4:38 am)

    hritik Roshan repeated 10,000 times at different volume & pitch, when he got block during award function on Dubai.how many times TISA members repeating. रितिक रोशन अपने पहले अवार्ड फ़ंक्शन पर दुबई नही बोल पाया । वो बोलता है कि मैं जगह ढूँढ़ रहा था जहाँ जाकर 10,000 दस हजार बार दुबई बोल सकू और अंत मे आलमारी मे घूस कर 10,000 दस हजार बार बोला । टीसा मेंबर hard word कितनी बार बोलते हैं ।
    मैने सिर्फ़ 100 बार एक शब्द को बोला जिसे मैं पिछले 4 साल से Boss के सामने नहीं बोल पाता था और अगले दिन इतनी आसानी से वो शब्द निकला कि मैं खुद हैरान था ।
    this is simple mind re- programming. Just try and share your experience

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