The Joy of Speaking

SHG Meeting report – 25th Aug, 2013
Meeting attendees – Sankalp, Vikas, Dnyanesh, Rahul and
Venue: YMCA Panaji.

Today was a relatively smaller group, and no
first-timers. So, we did not have any introduction round. Starting with some
informal chit-chats, we then kicked off the meeting. We had planned to catalogue
our stammer by recording each other speak. Taking turns, we recorded each one
of us while talking, and then played it again and analysed the video. We noted
our observations and introspected.
After this, we had another activity, in which we tried to
emulate a toastmasters meeting (a compact version). Sankalp was the speaker
(Ice breaker), Vikas became the ah-counter, Dnyanesh the grammarian, Harish the
evaluator and Rahul was the toastmaster of the day, the compere for the meeting.
Everybody did a splendid job, and the best thing about this activity was,
everybody got an opportunity to play an active role in some way or the other.
Last, we had a practice session of speaking loudly with
Dnyanesh. Dnyanesh spoke from a far-end corner of the room, and we, the audience
gave him the feedback when he was not very loud.

Amidst these activities, time just zoomed by, but we
enjoyed every moment of the meeting. We then set a goal for our upcoming
meetings – talking to YMCA staff, and going outdoors and talking to strangers.
We hope to accomplish these goals in the meetings to follow. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (August 30, 2013 - 2:06 am)

    Good activities Harish. Going on attending meetings…meetings…meetings…yous stammering will be reduced to the great extent.This was my personal experience. Pl keep it up.

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