No technique, nothing working situation…

Today I am here in the office for evening shift duty and I have already talked to my boss for either a long leave or I will quit the job as I wanted to go for complete over hailing of my body…physically and mentally.

It is one of the days in my professional career where I am facing high problems in getting the words out……….so exhausted and just not getting the words out………and it is my job profile that every now and then a worker is coming asking something………… exhausted……bouncing, not working…..prolongation, not working…….slow speaking, not working………..hence, I am just trying to speak any how and carrying over my shift duties till shift completion……

I am only comfortable in just going into the blocks and struggle till the word comes out…..that’s the best thing I am able to do at this moment….

but yes, even if I am so afraid and just not gathering the confidence to go out of my office and supervise the whole department…………still, I am sitting in my office and doing the necessary talking and other technical things to carry out shift responsibilities any how………….any how, I haven’t quit completely……… I cant!!

its my CALL OF DUTY to stay here till 11 pm and do whatever least is required to make sure things go smooth and people keep working………..

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “No technique, nothing working situation…


    (September 1, 2013 - 1:51 am)

    ashish ji,
    Sometimes we becomes helpless , nothing works. just accept it.
    better to wait for good time and continue your speech practices & physical exercise. hard work never go useless.


    (September 1, 2013 - 4:36 am)

    hritik Roshan repeated 10,000 times at different volume & pitch, when he got block during award function on many times TISA members repeating. रितिक रोशन अपने पहले अवार्ड फ़ंक्शन पर दुबई नही बोल पाया । वो बोलता है कि मैं जगह ढूँढ़ रहा था जहाँ जाकर 10,000 दस हजार बार दुबई बोल सकू और अंत मे आलमारी मे घूस कर 10,000 दस हजार बार बोला । टीसा मेंबर hard word कितनी बार बोलते हैं ।
    मैने सिर्फ़ 100 बार एक शब्द को बोला जिसे मैं पिछले 4 साल से Boss के सामने नहीं बोल पाता था और अगले दिन इतनी आसानी से वो शब्द निकला कि मैं खुद हैरान था ।
    this is simple mind re- programming. Just try and share your experien


    (September 1, 2013 - 4:58 am)

    Hi Ahshish,
    I always look forward when you write. What you share is experienced by most PWS but it is rarely shared.

    People will always respect for your knowledge, behavior and contribution. No one has anytime to think why this or that person is speaking like that. They don't even bother or care. Everyone wants their job to be done.

    The only person who really worries about stuttering is we ourselves. No one else want to waste their time or energy for this. They are lost in their own worlds! (They only care if their JOB is done or not)

    In my college, One of my lectures wore shabby clothes and used to come to College in cheap chappals. Initially we thought what kind of a teacher he is, later he turned to be our best teacher.
    There a was quote where he used to sit "20 years from now, people will forget what shoes or clothes you wore, they will never forget what contribution you made to their lives"

    Be happy and make others happy – Life is ephemeral.


    (September 1, 2013 - 4:44 pm)

    Ahssish, I am seconding what Dinesh has written. Everybody in the world are having their own share of problems. If you are really mentally tired, take a short break, go to some quite place ALONE and spend a few days. It will really recharge you totally. If you want to quit the job, do it but after finding a better one.
    I hope you are coming to NC.

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