Having attended various speech therapy courses from renowned therapists in India; being a member of TISA since March’2011; having spent few weeks at herbertpur….

It is my take on Acceptance-

Even if i will go on attending thousand of workshops, i will continue stammering.

Even if i will spend years at herbertpur with Dr.Sachin, i will continue stammering.

Even if i will spend hours practicing speech techniques, i will continue stammering.

Even if i will spend hours doing yoga, i will continue stammering.

There will be situations when no speech technique will work and i will face those speech blocks.

There will be situations when my facial expressions will be unusual and people will give strange expressions.

Acceptance of stammering means accepting all above points whole kindheartedly without any complaints or mental agitations.

 Acceptance of stammering means to be calm and relaxed in those stammering moments…..and focusing on  communicating my thoughts to others effectively rather than craving for fluency.

Acceptance of stammering means to focus on effective communication and hence, fluency will be a byproduct.

Happy that i am on this path of enlightenment being a stammerer for life time.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

5 thoughts on “My take on ACCEPTANCE


    (September 3, 2013 - 12:43 am)

    Congratulations! Having understood this, you can turn your attention to other things in life. In fact, you can start LIVING now.. You are READY for LIFE now!


    (September 3, 2013 - 1:46 am)

    As Sachin told, if you really starts enjoying life, your stammering will be automatically reduced to a great extent. But you need patent…patent….patent…. Start enjoying life and all the best to you.


    (September 3, 2013 - 2:54 pm)

    Sometimes I accept, I cannot win people with my words.. (Speech)
    But I will try to win people with my deeds!

    Sometimes I accept, I will fumble..
    But I will try not to fumble on the commitments I make!

    Always I will forgive myself if I cannot speak well..
    But I will never forgive myself if I do not strive to write well!

    I have been privileged/gifted with an able body and a sane mind.
    While some of my friends are differently abled and some are of special kind..

    Sometimes I will accept that I cannot be fluent..
    But in everything else, I will strive to be Excellent! 🙂


    (September 3, 2013 - 4:00 pm)

    My sincere thanks to Dr.Sachin,Mr.Manimaran and Dinesh

    But, really, Dinesh, i am so overwhelmed to read your comments….

    Oh Man, you have a killing attitude towards our different speech….

    Looking forward to meet you at NC, Delhi


    (September 4, 2013 - 12:57 am)

    dear Ashish,
    If thousand TISA workshops or Yoga or practicing speech techniques doesn't give fluency, Then also pleeeeeeese CONTINUE yoga & practicing techniques, if you want a remarkable improvement in fluency.

    I GOT THE MANTRA OF ACHIEVING FLUENCY. I'll Disclose it in National conference2013. until that durations, let me work on that.
    Actually it was in front me since 12years, but I was unable to understand. Since I joined TISA, my intuition was telling that concept of TISA is depend totally on western countries stammering association. But what solution rich indian ancient culture had. And I got. Very simple very effective .

    Just imagine –
    if some spiritual guru touches your head or a alien touches your forehead with his finger and remove your physical factors (neurological or physiological if any), will you start speak fluently by next moment??
    my answer is – No, never. Due to 20-30 years wrong pattern of speaking.
    Suppose, if stammering is due physical factors (neurological or physiological or improper breathing pattern or any other ), can you get fluency just by practicing speech techniques 18 hrs per day??
    My answer is – No, never.
    So how to change hardware and how to Re-program software (our sub-conscious and Un-conscious mind) ????
    Wait for national conference2013

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