God and luck

   This is peculiar mentality of most of human beings.When we achieve something like good marks, good job etc. etc., we try to prove to the world that it was due to our own hard work.We seldom thank God for the success. And nobody says that he succeeded due to good luck!

     On the other hand, when we come across failure, we blame it on our bad luck and God.

       In case of PWS like us, we may be doing reasonably well in our lives. We may be good at studies, we may have a decent job etc. etc.But we curse God and think that if we hadn’t stammered, we may have
achieved much more than what we have.We seldom accept that whatever that is good in our lives is due to God’s grace or our good luck.

     Its true that stammering is a challenge. It affects our lives and we need to face many speaking situations where there is scope to improve our communication skills.

      We may have missed some opportunities in life and cursed God for our failure. For example, in my life I was not able to get campus placement in my engineering college. Earlier I used to think that I was not selected by an IT company because I stammered in interview. But I have met many PWS who are successfully working in IT companies. So in my case, I have analysed that I did not make sufficient effort to learn the programming languages(C,C++ etc.), so the interview panel did’nt select me. Even in one of the interviews,the interviewer advised me to learn some programming languages to get get a job in software company.

 Still I kept thinking for a long period of time that I was not selected in campus placements due to stammering. I never made sincere efforts to improve my programming skills.After passing out , I prepared for PSUs and got a decent job.

         So the point is if we do not give the credit of our achievements to God or good luck,then we should not blame God or luck for our temporary failures of life. Instead of wasting our time in cursing God or bad luck for stammering, we can use that valuable time in improving our knowledge and communication skills.


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    nice abhishek

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Very deep and correct observations. Stammering affects our thinking. We no more think rationally. This makes attempts at helping ourselves very difficult. Many people with agenda, are able to manipulate us for that very reason. If you try to help a man under effects of alcohol, he resents it and often says: No, I am not drunk. I can drive…
    But sooner or later, we come to senses..That is the main thing.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Very good post Abhishek. After hearing success stories of so many PWS, stammering is not at all a hindrance for achieving anything in life. It is only our lack of motivation. Nothing else.


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