Rejected, I am….but not finished yet :-)

It has been few days talking over internet ans through sms with her.

So, after her approval, i called her for the first time to talk over phone.I was a bit anxious before asking her for the phone call as i thought that these days, i am stammering more and there are high chances that blocks will be very high as i want a long relationship with her.But, you know, to delay was not going to simplify it by any means.So, i just asked for her comfort to talk over phone ad called her.

Just after hardly a minute, she complained that my voice is not clear and blamed it on network issue.

Then, i come up with a immediate solution that don’t worry, i am going on terrace and it will be fine there.

But, still i stammered at terrace as well.and, after few minutes, i told her that i stammers and her reaction was as expected that don’t worry, it is not a disease and all.

But, as i was quite desperate for a relation with her, so i was not using any techniques and it was making my blocks longer.

And after a session of about half an hour, we finished.

And, i got a long long block on her name as well 🙂

Anyways, after the call, i was quite excited to know her reaction and whether she will continue with me or not.

So, i keep messaging her and her replies were at a slow pace than usual.So, i think she is giving me the red signal that it is over.

Well, its not new with me.

i am rejected this time, but, i am not finished yet and i am going to keep trying 🙂


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  1. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    Keep-up the spirit! Haar ke baat hi jeet hai! 🙂

    Also, never go after anyone! Don't waste any time/energy on that!
    Do Something.. Be Someone.. so that others cant help but come after you! 🙂

    With my little experience, I can say stuttering is the last thing that will impact work life or love life.

    Focus your energies on "areas which you can improve-on (apart from your speech)" As you go one level up in all other areas you will notice that automatically you will go 1 level up in your communication/confidence.

    We always do the other way, because of our speech, we neglect all other areas and we go down many levels in all other areas that in turn worsens our speech and thus we are caught in vicious cycle.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Congratulations to both of you- for trying something difficult. Our socialization is such that whether we stammer or not, we find it very difficult to talk to the other gender. Remember, when we were children, we were asked not to go anywhere near girls?!! I am sure for girls too, it is extremely difficult to relate and talk to men normally.. But dont worry, Mother Nature will not give up easily.
    Yes, to understand, how our upbringing makes communication across gender so difficult read this story (true one)..

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Ashish, may be it is beginning also. No one knows what is in woman's mind.They usually take longer time before taking a decision. Once they taken a decision, they will not backtrack at any cost. But whatever may be the outcome, it is really a good attempt.


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