SHG meeting, Herbertpur- 29 sept’13

Today, SHG meeting of herbertpur chapter was organized at Anugrah centre at 4 pm in the evening.

It was attended by Dr.Sachin, Gaurav Dutta, Rakesh Negi,Manoj Negi,Sumit and Ashish agarwal.

It was the first SHG meeting for brothers duo; Rakesh and Manoj.

The meeting was kicked off with a a few round of brief intros using various techniques likes bouncing,prolongation and voluntary stammering.

After that, we all discussed ACCEPTANCE and what does it mean precisely.

Acceptance, being the core concept of TISA ,it is never ever enough to discuss it.The more you discuss it, the more indepth you got the basic idea behind it.

Dr.Sachin generously cleared all doubts of Rakesh,manoj and Gaurav who was attending herbertpur SHG meeting after a long time.

Here again, we got the message again from Dr.Sachin that the best way to beat stammering is to shift your focus on various other far important issues in life like study,job,career etc.By doing good in our professional and personal life, we will eventually become a good communicator and the struggle with stammering will lessen.

Stammering is not to be given too much attention and we should be sportive with it.

All of us are far more than our stammering and living with stammering, we can do a whole lot of things.Here in TISA itself, there are so many examples of people who have achieved various milestones in their lives.

Hence, stammering is a part of life, not the heart of life…..

With this beautiful message, we disperse with the promise to meet again in the national conference on the upcoming weekend.


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Ashish. Yes, a part but not the heart. Instead, we should be focusing on how to communicate better and to become better and better at different tasks of day to day life..

  2. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    Stammering is a part of life, not the Heart of life..
    What a beautiful message.. Thanks

  3. admin 6 years ago

    shg meets are necessary to manage stammering. its like weekly Dose of Multi-Vitamins.


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