Delhi SHG meeting Report of 27th October.

Delhi SHG Report by Vishnu, Bhatinda

As usual Delhi SHG Meeting was at Rajiv Chowk at 12:00 pm.

Today we were 9 members Vishal(Host),Vishnu, Jagbir, Mayank, Aakash, Avinash, Ashish, Shobhit and Amit ji

Jagbir attended meeting 1st time.

We have started our Meeting with 2 min Meditation, As usual meeting started with introduction round.After that we have  done activity Round-Robin in which we had to make sentence in 30 seconds with the  letter which was forward by previous pws.By this activity we came to know about the pws makes sentence fast.
then we had activity in which we practiceto learn names of all pws.

Next task was, in which Amit dixit want’s to know the views about “Positive thinking” so everyone given their beautiful views.

After this we had activity in which we came to know creativity of PWS(a person who stutter) in which we have to make sentence with a letter in which we stutter more.
After this Vishal gave brief view of techniques like pausing,prolongation,bouncing

At the end we have a discussion round that’s to say GD Round on the very barbarian topic “Politics”.
Main topic was to whom we should vote wether BJP or AAP or CONGRESS.

All the pws have different views but each has done very fabulous job.

In this GD Round we are bound to use techniques that we learned in TISA.

After this vishal & amit have a short talk with foreigner but he was in hurry and Avinash has done great job as Amit challenged him to talk with nearby girls , Avinash accepted and have talk with them very confidently about 5 min. Girls gave good response too and Finally we all went to the shop where we took tea and Samosa.

But I would like to give thanks to Amit Dixit who’s presence was superb and very calm 🙂 🙂

I hope you all will like my first Post in TISA 🙂 🙂
Delhi SHG rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    good post…

  2. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Yes-you all ROCK!

  3. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Thanks Vishal!
    Very good activities and good report…

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Thank you everyone for your valuable comments…

    Specially Mr.Anonymous!!

    I will take care in future Amit….sorry for it.

  5. admin 7 years ago

    Thanks Vishnu.It was really a nice meeting.I attended this meeting after long time.Very happy to meet all friends.We all learn from each other.Vishal is always Rocking..Keep it on.

  6. admin 7 years ago

    very nice, new people joining, challenging activities, fun with learning…g8t


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