An old meeting with Canadian students..

Sometime back, a small group of university students from Canada, visited us in Herbertpur. I could give them a good slide presentation about stammering and our work about it, in India- but I had a feeling that people listen to great speeches, applaud and then forget all about it- mostly! I decided to give it a different twist: a group discussion with a couple of pws and their families etc. The facilitator (myself)- just setting the stage and asking just a few questions here and there- nothing more. It went well.
Then, I forgot all about the meeting.
Today, I accidentally found out that one of the Canadian student (Jae) did write a post on their blog about this interaction, with two young pws and their families in Herbertpur. There are two things worth reflecting: the good analysis and documentation he did, of a meeting, which from my perspective was not “important”..( I did not post about it on TISA blog). Second: we need to be creative, whenever we are are in  group situation: Instead of one sided lectures, we can experiment with different formats: Group discussion; group presentation; watching a relevant video together or discussing a case study….
Here is the link to the post:
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  1. abhishek 6 years ago

    The write-up is so reassuring


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