Trying to WIN over the fear associated with stammering…

I read an article about an retired police official from UK,Mr.Alan Badmington, how he won over those 10-12 feared alphabets which he substituted for most of his life by using those alphabets in his talk again and again intentionally.

Now, he is a good public speaker who have won a number of awards in various speaking competitions.

I am also trying to do the same thing at my office as well as residence.It is really not easy for me and i am stammering a lot.Sometimes, i feel that by using those feared alphabets again and again, I am simply making it more difficult for me because feared words are just mind driven.
But, on the other hand, i feels that i am doing the right thing by stammering more and more and getting desensitized from those words.
From last few years, i am following the absolute NO SUBSTITUTION of words/alphabets policy in my speaking.Some times, it happens that I just a different word out of my vocabulary and my mind will immediately condemn that i have substituted a word and it will make me sad and anxious and will take a few hours or even a few days to forget that incident.I feels that I really needs a DETOXIFICATION of thoughts that comes into my mind on daily basis.
From today onwards, I am going to meditate atleast 1 hour daily for DETOXIFICATION of my mind and the thoughts arises in it.
Thanks for reading all these abrupt thoughts of me. 

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Regarding your last post about the role of volunteering, I have found an old post at Samagra's blog; very relevant and useful:

  2. R.Bala 7 years ago

    Consciously slower your though process, to better improve ur thinking speaking coordination. Use positive affirmation daily. Once thinking n speaking gets synchronized u ll improve greatly.


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