Thoughts and places..

When I’m at home, the kind of thought that enter my mind can be put in one category.
When  I’m riding my bike there are a different set of thoughts,
When I’m at office again there are certain related thoughts.
And when I’m at  SHG the kind of thoughts that fill mind are different.

There is a strong link to places and the kind of thoughts that arise when we
are in those places !! 🙂

So, when one is depressed or feeling low, the first thing that has to be done
is to physically move out of that place!

Similarly, we should keep visiting those places where strong and positive thoughts
fill our mind – For me, bike riding and SHG happens to be that place!

Himalayas have along been the abode of those who want to control their Mind.
Certainly this can be done anywhere but if done at Himalayas, Nature seems to be
helping us..

There is a very strong association between a place and kind of thoughts that arise there.

Keep searching those places where you can expand..
May be its not that far from where you stay !! 🙂

Happy Diwali

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Post Author: lashdinesh

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and places..


    (November 4, 2013 - 5:34 am)

    Very true. Places, activity, old associations – all can influence our thoughts. But quite often we are not even aware of our thoughts. We are just at the receiving end, as if it were!
    Vipassana helped me greatly to make me become more AWARE of my thoughts..
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…


    (November 4, 2013 - 7:01 am)

    lovely post….i can relate to it as well….and i am going to take appropriate steps in this regard to be more and more positive.Thanks dinesh 🙂


    (November 6, 2013 - 12:18 pm)

    nice post……… really watching thought ,knowing nature of thought and relating it with place ,i liked this post.

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