Agenda: Communications Workshop on Dec 6, 7, 8 in Pune

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Day 1 (6th Dec)
9.30 -11.30 am:
Intro Marathon (a warm up exercise to be conducted by Sachin);
Sharing of ground rules and discussion about logistics (Sachin, Vivek, Virendra);
Choose practice partner / make 3-4 sub-groups
Discussion on expectations – what to expect and what to plan over long term (Sachin)
Follow up support (How can we help each other after workshop? Brief discussion- Sachin);

11.30- 1 pm: Introduction to and small group practice of Eye contact, Cancellation and Stretching (prolongation) techniques: Sachin will demonstrate in the big group; then it will be practiced intensively in sub-groups supervised by Vivek, Dhruv, Virendra and Sachin.
1-2 pm: Lunch
2-3 pm: Introduction to and small group practice of Bouncing and Pausing techniques (Sachin will demonstrate in the big group; then it will be practiced intensively in sub-groups supervised by Vivek, Dhruv, Virendra and Sachin)
3-5 pm: Mutual Stammering Interviews using learned techniques; (Sachin will bring the questionnaire)
5-6 pm: Voluntary stuttering round; Feedback and dispersal.
Evening: If the group is willing to stay late- we can have a group meditation session lasting about an hour (6.30-7.30 pm)
Day 2 (7th Dec)
9.30 am -11 am: Recap by 1-2 participants (what do they remember of the previous day? Why? What was most useful? Etc)
Voluntary stuttering: Intro and practice.
Block corrections (pre, in, post)- discussion & group practice; Tea
11.30 – 1 pm: Mini presentations (3-4 minutes)
2-3 pm : “Phone a Friend” exercise in dyads (two), mutual video recording while phoning – and quick review/ analysis on laptop- in four small groups. (Vivek, Virendra, DG bring laptop & camera)
3-4 pm: Role of EFT, Vipassana, Brahma Vidya, AOL, Toastmaster etc. Mini-presentations from participants who may have had personal experiences of these. How do these help? Whom? To what extent?
4-6 pm: Mini role plays on self assertion in 3 small groups supervised by Virendra, Dhruv, Vivek; Feedback and dispersal by 6.30 pm. If participants willing to stay late: one hour guided meditation.
Day 3 (8th dec)
9.30-11.30 am: Recap by 1-2 participants, of the previous day.
Discussion on AHJ- how to use it.
Role of humor in recovery- share a joke round.
Role of writing in recovery- personal diary, private blog, public blog?. Tea
11.30 am – 1 pm : Recap of basic techniques by participants. Post workshop plans (Individual as well as group- phone each other once a week? Meet regularly in the SHG? Visit a school as a group once a month? Start a group podcast every fortnight?)
2-3 pm: open session for Q&A; exchange contact list, ID etc.

4-6 pm: In the market, Voluntary stammering with strangers. Followed by a treat!

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  1. Vishal Gupta 6 years ago

    awesome !!!! nice work Dhruv & Virendra sir very soon TISA will become big Association.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks sir for posting this

  3. Mits 6 years ago

    This is really good beginning….lets all of us make full benefit from this workshop


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