Many years ago, when I was working in remote regions of Garhwal, I came across the phenomena of “Bengali doctor”. They were looked down upon by doctors like me, and district health officials were always busy catching them and penalising them for illegal medical practice. But years have passed and nothing has changed. You still find them in remote pockets. The reason is: MBBS doctors do not want to work in the remote areas, even when they are posted there and paid for that. When villagers are sick, they know that Bengali doctor will ALWAYS be available.

Similarly, not all our posts are of same quality – some are good and some are “controversial”. If people dont write posts (but leave only comments!), how long does a blog thrive? And if everyone writes a post just like “sachin does”, then what happens to the diversity, which is a basic ingredient for growth of any collective enterprise?

I may or may not agree with a post, but I try to accommodate even a little controversial post- because, it is with great difficulty a particular pws has made up his or her mind to write on a public blog. I try to acknowledge that effort and initiative. He is expressing his opinion. And readers too, are free to leave their opinions as comments- which some of you have done! Well done! All these opinions as comments are fine and valid- and I respect them..  (Except the “anonymous” ones. What are you frightened of?)

I went thru Ashish’s post again and all that post is saying: have faith in yourself and stand up for your convictions- as a human being, (not as anonymous)! That post is not a comment on or appraisal of the entire life’s work of the two public figures. In any case, this post (or others) do not represent TISA policy. They are opinions of an individual. If you like “better” posts, then put on your writing hat, and write something deep, balanced, creative and thoughtful.  Every week.

Let me conclude with humor. There is a particular chat group full of intelligent people; weeks pass by and no one writes a single comment. Then one day, suddenly there was a big flurry of posts- as if there was an earthquake of 10 at richter scale! I was AMAZED. I quickly logged in and found that some porn group had spammed – and all the posts were a LOUD protest and criticism about that spam..

Hey stop! I am not asking you to put porn here on this blog! Dive deeper and understand, what I am trying to say in my own stammering way.. and be a little tolerant ..

I hope this is the end of the controversy about Ashish’s post. You are welcome to carry on your discussion with him thru emails/ phone/ personal visit etc etc. Remember, “wise men discuss- Fools argue”.

Thank you for your interest, opinions, comments and courage! Keep writing! I absolutely love it!

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    (November 15, 2013 - 6:14 am)


    "Take a decision on the basis of your intellect and then stick to it firmly"


    (November 15, 2013 - 7:28 am)

    You are just like Sachin of Cricket for TISA 🙂

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