Poetry in motion….

       I just watched Sachin bat the last time in a test match.Everyone would have wished time to stand still while the master was batting one last time. Eventually all good things come to an end and Sachin was out on 74. To say that his batting has been poetry in motion for the last 24 years would be an understatement.
           My mind went back to my school days when we used to watch Sachin bat. His batting enthused hope in one and all. Sachin has been reason for enthusiasm, happiness, liveliness for crores of his fans and admirers. He has been a national role-model for India. His qualities which have made him a star include DETERMINATION, DEDICATION,COMMITMENT,HONESTY,PASSION, HUMILITY,TEAM-SPIRIT,ABILITY TO ADJUST according to situation,NEVER-SAY-DIE attitude,ABILITY to take calculated risks.. the list would be endless.

               I remember a time when his career was at risk when he had a severe back-problem, when his critics doubted that it was the end of road for him. He made amendment in his batting style and a resurgent Sachin was  back again to his batting best.
          We as people who stammer can take a cue from Sachin and imbibe some of his qualities in our own lives. For me the most important qualities would be:
 >PASSION for our AIM

> DEDICATION and COMMITMENT to improve our communication skill.

 >TAKING CALCULATED RISKS and putting ourselves progressively into MORE CHALLENGING SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES(remember every attempted sixer could turn out to be a catch out, but its the risk taking ability of a batsman which rewards him with a sixer).

 >HUMILITY to ACCEPT SUCCESS and FAILURE and treat them both with equal respect.

>NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE-We have got this life. It would be much more honorable to keep trying and FAILING rather than staying in our comfort zone and cursing our luck.

>TEAM SPIRIT- We  as PWS are not different from other people of the world. Their problems are as difficult as our speech problem. We have a common bond with the entire human race. Lets not be a pond whose water becomes putrid due to stagnation. Lets be like a river which starts from its source and reaches the ocean, connecting and making a bond with every-one in its journey. Lets reach out to the world.

Thank you Sachin for giving us source of hope and inspiration from your live example:)


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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Poetry in motion….


    (November 15, 2013 - 7:07 am)

    Yes- little master is a role model.. Great write up….


    (November 17, 2013 - 7:28 am)

    Good one Abhishek. Let us try for atleast padmasree and not Bharat Ratna.

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