‘sir,we can measure the ssssss___________ea level with the help of remote sensing’…that was the line which showed me how patient i am towards my own stammering and what possible situations are..
a day before was my viva on my mini project,as the teacher asked question’can we measure sea depth with help of remote sensing? ‘ 

I still remember that moment when smiled flowed on his(teacher) face at my stuttered voice and i was loosing confidence,i tried to focus on my breath as everything may cease for the time  concerned except that’ life force’,i regained back my confidence as i concentrated on 4-5 inhales and exhales…after all i finished the viva and came directly to my room & jotted down some lessons learnt from it.
These were-
(1)As we work on acceptance.with these efforts we begin to develop anti-stammering attitude,we are becoming less tolerant towards stammering.
(2)we need to check our level of acceptance,rather living in false convictions that my acceptance has became more mature .we can check our level by exposing ourselves more on speaking situations(phoning relatives,delivering speech at functions,debates).

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    (December 3, 2013 - 5:11 am)

    Yes Kumar, very true. We have to check our acceptance levels in these situations so as to become less tolerant towards stammering.


    (December 3, 2013 - 8:33 am)

    Yes- acceptance indicates a level of emotional maturity: you listen to others but dont bother if they smile inappropriately at your speech difficulties.. You just carry on saying what you are saying, as best as you can.. You are more into communication than trying to satisfy or impress others ..This is a tough but very useful emotional skill..

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