Chennai SHG meeting report- 15.12.2013

Dear all,
The Chennai SHG meeting conducted on 15.12.2013 were attended by 5 pws
viz Gnanasekaran, Phukon, Afsal, karthkeyan and myself. Afsal is a new pws from
Kerala working in Chennai now.

As usual, we introduced ourselves.
Then I gave a story book and ask each one of them read one story, repeat
the story using their own words and also using the writing board provided on
the wall.
Except one pws, others were really done well.
I also emphasis about the importance of pausing in addition to whatever
other techniques followed by pws.
Fairly a good start at the newly opened Chennai centre.

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    I will say- a REALLY GOOD start.. I loved the pictures since they conveyed the ambience so well..
    Perfect Beginning!
    Keep it up.


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