Acceptance to eliminate stammering…really???

It is not working guys….really!!

Repeating the all famous most narrated word ACCEPTANCE in every post here on tisa blog; in communication workshops to fellows; while talking over phone to other PWS..,,,what was the intention behind it?

Did i wanted to eliminate stammering by saying that yes, i have accepted stammering and hence, it should not occur anymore?
Did I practiced those feared words again and again so as to get rid of their fears and win over them?

I think that’s why it is not working…..the more i am trying to win these words…more they are haunting me….even in dreams now.
Even after going into those fearful situations again and again…..still, every listener is like an enemy for me who can make me feel pathetic by just a brief smile on his face.
It is quite clear that I can win this thing…i can’t win stammering….
It can be befriended…but can’t be won.So, any attempt to eliminate is going to disappoint me only.No other fate for any such attempt.
Yeah, if I can make it my buddy, then it will not bother me much as like my childhood.
So, what should I do?  I am not clear yet…lets see how it goes…..I have the mumbai workshop ahead.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Acceptance to eliminate stammering…really???


    (December 21, 2013 - 4:43 am)

    Thanks Ashish- for sharing your thoughts and redefining Acceptance. These words of yours give the deeper meaning behind acceptance: "if I can make it my buddy, then it will not bother me"..
    Keep experimenting and sharing your thoughts..

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