My Journey on Stammering (Virendra from Pune)

First Meet
It has been almost 20 years now my first interaction with
Speech Therapist at Mumbai in 1992. I was in my town and saw the advertisement
for the first time that Do you stammer. When I came to Mumbai in search of job,
I was thinking to meet that SLP. I went to him to see and he made me look
(stare) at light bulb to concentrate so that I will be relaxed after few minutes.
After going for few times, I asked him how many times I have to come. He
recommended at least 10 times and then I was lured to pay the entire Rs.700 in
1994. When I realized I was cheated I went with friends to fight him, but he
might had more experience than me to handle these cases. He blamed me on the failure.
During this period also I visited one SLP in Malad, and she specifically told
not to disclose how much fees I paid. Rs.55 in 1992 was the fees paid for each
session. But I got suspicion about this lady and also I could not afford to
pay Rs.55 for each session.

During my Stay at Pune
Again during college days, I read in CSR about stammering
one of the renowned SLP from Pune. I ordered audio cassettes and books. I also visited
him personally in year 2000, by paying Rs.3000 for 3 days of 2hrs session each
day. He just had a nice talk and recorded my speech and told I will be alright
at the age of 35. While I was settling in Pune, I came across #1 Personality
Development Guru who also tried to lure with additional qualification as he use
to advertise cure of Stammering without medicine. That was fine. But I
was moving up in the career and I was finding tough on speech and asked him
what can be done. He said to have few sessions with him. I paid Rs.5000 for 90
minutes. In this session he was trying me to go into a thought and he was attending calls starting his PC
which I was more disturbing as I thought Rs.5000 is given for 90 minutes for
him to dedicate his time for me. After the session I realized I was fooled completely.
I did not phone him. 
Finally Search Ends Here
During this period I was just searching what can be done
stammering. Then found TISA and also Stammering Cure from Bangalore. I was
thinking to join the course, but fortunately was able to focus on TISA. I wanted
to join a course in Herbatpur in June, but was unable to get train ticket and also
flight was costing too much. But then attended Hangout with Vishal and also
contacted Amol. Then attended SHG meeting for couple of weeks. 

Journey Since NC 2013
It was desire to
meet Rithik Roshan in NC at Delhi, I booked the flight ticket. I might not have
met Rithik but I met someone who has changed the stammering thinking for people
who stammer. It was very good experience in Delhi for 3 days, met lot of people
and felt I am not alone. I noticed that workshops happening only in Harbatpur,
then decided to have a workshop at Pune. Rest you all know the story.
Since coming back to NC, I wrote to my boss that I stammer and also spoke to
him. He said I do not stammer. Currently looking to conduct a webinar in my organization
so that more awareness can be brought to this subject and help provided to

Thank You!!!
Although I feel cheated today with many SLPs, but whatsoever I wanted to thank them for giving confidence that this can cured or recovered.  

Now I feel it is our duty to spread the word about TISA and help to NEEDY. 

Thank you.

Recording in Dec 25, 2013

Recording in Nov 04, 2013


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Awesome sir.
    .All the best for webinar.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Virendra! What is done- is done and past. Doesn't matter. But by sharing our experiences, we can help the younger pws (and therapists too). I too once paid Rs 3000 for 2 hour session in Pune! Looking back, I realise, that answers lie within. But we do need a community to help us.. And it is here thanks to people like you and the readers of this blog and other like minded pws..
    Keep walking and sharing..

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Nice experince virendra sir

  4. abhishek 6 years ago

    An eye-opener for many pws. thanks for sharing


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