Report SHG Meet Chandigarh 12-01-2014

Today we have meeting in Chandigarh SHG. As most members are not able to come because of their geniune resons.
So i decide to do SHG even after that. I go to decided place that is Sukhna lake. I sit there for some time and do meditation. I came with 50 printout of stammering information for parents. So after meditation, I Started my work, “To aware people about Stammering and about TISA”. I stopped Person who comes with their families ( I Dont disturb love-Birds so much , because!%&*, i also want answer), i told them about this cause by giving them printout and ask for anybody in their circle who stammers , then i talked about TISA and their voluntary work. I distribute 40+ printouts there. This activity provides me great experience.
What i had learn from this activity is:

  1. Do not bother people so much.
  2. Take decisions quickly.
  3. Confidence is always in you.
  4. Approach people with smile, Start your talk with something interesting or new, then they always listen to you attentively.
  5. Show Stammer Openly, Maintain Eye Contact, Smile, Then see your stammer. I stammer less today.
  6. Some people may not interested in this, so do not feel bad and not bother them.
  7. Children can raise Questions, Answer them sweetly.
  8. Handle Authority Calmly. They can stop you from giving handouts to visitors.


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    WOW!!! Really great Anupindar! If every pws got even 25% of your courage, their life would have been changed long back. Hats off again. But it is very sad that others missed this great opportunity. But don't lose heart. You are the No.1 beneficiary.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Totally agree with your lessons learned..

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Sachin Sir and Manimaran Sir for motivating me, Its All your Efforts. Thanks alot Sir, i have no words to say 🙂

    Self Start 🙂


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