Chennai meeting Report held on 12.01.2014


The Chennai SHG meeting held on
12.01.2014 were attended by 10 members. Now more members are interested in
practicing speech therapy. One pws came 30 min earlier and completed speech
therapy before the commencement of meeting.

There are difference of opinions about
the effectiveness of speech therapies. I will not force anyone to practice
speech therapy. Based one senior pws advice, now I am practicing  speech therapy which I learned in the year 2001,
which I also discontinued after 6 months that time owning to my poor health for
about 15 days which resulted started stammering badly. Since I got more time
now after my retirement, I started practicing regularly. Now I am speaking
really well though stammering occasionally. The beauty of this therapy is I
need not use any technique, I need not go for word substitution, because all
words are coming out fluently. But one important thing I observed was, up to
6pm, I was able to speak ALMOST stammering free speech and started stammering a
little bit afterwards. The speech therapy is like charging a battery. Due to
less charge in in the evenings, I was stammering. I hope it would get improve after
3 months. Let me see.
Coming back to what I wanted to say here
was, after seeing my improved speech, everyone wanted to practice speech
therapy. Now there are about 10 pws practicing speech therapy at Chennai centre
and let us watch their progress.
Meanwhile I wish to inform about one pws
‘H’ here. ‘H’ was brought up in Middle east, studied engineering in India and
now staying at Chennai with his grandmaa. His parents are working in Middle
east now. About 2 months back, His aunt called me and told about his stammering
and requested to help him. I asked them to come over to Anna Nagar park on one
‘H’ along with his aunt came to Anna
Nagar park on one Sunday.  He was having
severe blocks and could not able to tell his name even after one minute. Then I
told about TISA, the acceptance of stammering etc… etc…. Next one month I was
busy and meanwhile, the Chennai centre was also inaugurated on 9th
Dec. As he was living close to the Chennai TISA centre, I asked him to come regularly
and make use of this opportunity. He came once and did not turned up for the
next 10 days in spite of my daily remainders. After disappointing with him and
also to help him, I sent one strong message informing this was my last one and
it was upto him to make use of the opportunity.
‘H’ immediately responded to my message
and informed that he would come regularly from next day onwards. Since he was
blocking severely, I thought of teaching speech therapy to him. ‘H’ also agreed
for that, learned speech therapy and started practicing regularly. After about
a week of practicing, he had given one excellent lecture effortlessly using board
about Middle east with less blocks in his speech. I discovered that he got abundant
talent to become a lecturer but because of his speech impediment, he could not
do it now.
Now coming back to yesterday’s meeting,
each one of us started using bouncing technique. That is, every pws has to
speak at their normal mode of speech without using any technique and whenever
he stammers on his feared word, he has to apply bouncing technique on that
word. About 4 pws practiced the bouncing techniques. At that time my friend ‘S’
came to the centre to give prasadham to me, as he used to go sabarilala every
year. I asked him to have a chat with each pws, who will normally afraid of speaking
to a stranger.
‘S’ has spent 2 hours with us ie from 7
to 9 pm. After his arrival, the SHG meeting became a non-stop laughing session.
Really a God sent man and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session. Whenever a
pws started talking about his stammering, my friend immediately interrupted him
and would telll he was not ready to hear his sad stories. ‘S’ forced everyone
to speak fast at least 20 words even it is meaningless sentence like here is table
, wall clock, chair etc etc.
To my surprise, almost everybody spoken
well. ‘S’ sometimes behaved strictly (though friendly) . During those times, when
‘S’ was interacting with one pws, others started laughing. Of course it was a
different story, when others term comes. ‘S’ has asked everyone to sing a song
also. We all sang well without stammering and told to them that it was not a
problem for a pws to sing a song. ‘S’ asked, then why pws could not speak well
also. ‘S’ is a very knowledgeable person and know about the stammering very
well. But his point was, do not think and talk at all about their past
stammering like  “ I was a severe
stammerer”, “ I was not able to give my roll call during school days” “I can
sing well, but could not able to speak well”  etc  etc….
He told that it was all past stories and gone. Now think like “ After coming to
TISA, my speech improved a lot”, “One day I will speak fluently”, “When I am
able to sing well, I can also able to speak well” etc…etc…
‘S’ concluded his session that do not
think about stammering, go on talking and whenever  blocks occurred, follow some technique that
suits to them. ‘H’ also advised not to give too much importance to the
Though, I was not agreeing some of his
views (normal person doesn’t understand about pws problems), I learned two
important lessons from him.
1.    PWS
should not speak about his past stammering life which is taking so much of
energy from him unconsciously. By talking about his past life, it was very
difficult for him to think positively at present.  Hence, as ‘S’ suggested we must practice some
technique, go on speaking and apply the technique whenever block occurs.
2.    I
learned one more important lesson from my friend.  When he asked all the pws to (though he didn’t wanted me to sing, I volunteered myself and sang a song) he made an important
observation that all the pws (including me) standing postures were totally
wrong. He observed that all pws standing postures  very stiff , very abnormal and not at all
natural. Here I learned that what we were talking about the so called “Secondary
symptoms”, it was not only each pws  straining
one part of his body part alone while speaking, but his straining his whole
body. That is our postures are wrong and first we have to learn how to sit, stand
and walk in normal posture like non-stammerers are doing.
When all the pws spoke to my friend,
they had stammered except one pws. You would be very surprised after knowing
who was that pws.
He was none other than ‘H’. Yes. ‘H’ has
spoken fluently without blocking on a single word. A big round of applause
given to him.  Now a days his face was
also looking very bright. These changes took place to him, after 3 weeks of speech
Finally myself and Gnanasekaran thanked ‘S’
for conducting a wonderful session  and
requested him to visit the centre often.
On the whole it turned out to be an enjoyable
SHG meeting for all the pws.

That’s all from Chennai centre.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (January 13, 2014 - 12:27 pm)

    Beautiful! Yes, if we just came out of our homes and sat together, lot of good things can happen like a miracle..


    (January 13, 2014 - 12:32 pm)

    very interesting meeting. I agree with manimaran sir and Mr. S our stand posture is sometime really abnormal, we have to do some work on it, we can learn dance to make our body light and relaxed any way. U all have a wonderful day, and hats off for Mr H.

    Vishal Gupta

    (January 15, 2014 - 5:22 am)

    wow nice to see you all 🙂 🙂

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