Are here 2 persons inside me???

At my home from last almost 25 days; away from my comfortable shelter to shield from the outer world (my work place) from almost 25 days……working reasonably well to heal my skin allergy……trying to be comfortable with family members regarding the stammer……….trying sometimes to face the local outer world here and let them know I stammer…I have experienced that–whenever I affirm that today I am going to stammer openly and not going to hold back on difficult words at least at my home……..I got surprised to observe that I hold back every time even more firmly……….Its amazing……..its bizarre….its really strange…….Are there 2 persons within me?? …who is contradicting every time to my decisions?…Who is taking decisions and who is opposing them???What this another man inside me wants exactly?  Where are you, the another man….i want to meet you…..


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    I too observed such contradictory feelings in myself.
    I think its the conflict between our concious and subconscious mind.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Ashish & Pramendra,
    You both are complicating each other like stammering.. jokes apart.. both should understand one thing. acceptance of stammering alone is not sufficient to control stammering. It might had indirectly helped a few pws to control their stammering after getting rid of their fear and shame because of acceptance.
    But certain amount of regular practice is a must to have some fluency. I suggest you to practice some techniques,then it is easier for you to implement it in the actual speaking situations.


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