Ranbir had enrolled at New York acting school to learn stammering.

Today morning I read in Times of Chandigarh that the super star had enrolled at a leading school in the Big Apple to do a crash course on how to stammer. The actor needs to stammer for a role in one of his up coming films. And he actually felt it would be beneficial for him if he learnt stammering , so that he could do it more convincingly.

At the foremost I appreciate his dedication which is quite a rare quality. At the same time I request him on behalf of TISA to do the role in a healthy way and not to show stammerers in a poor light. He should appreciate the fact that around 1% population who stammer, would be analyzing his role and acting. We don’t know what exactly the role is in the movie. But if in any way it is of fun and mockery on stammerers, we request him for having a second thought for doing the role.

It is great that for doing justice to the role Ranbir has taken the crash course in Big Apple, but I suggest him that for having actual feel of what exactly stammering is he should visit or call a few TISA members. There cannot be better mentors than us to teach stammering. We would be too happy to give him genuine tips.

Good luck and all the best Mr.Ranbir Kapoor.

Looking for response.

Jasbir singh,

The Indian Stammering Association,

Chandigarh, Chapter

+91 99150 06377


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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Very good Jasbir Sir. Thanks for Sharing this.

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Yes- if he had come to one of TISA workshops, he could have learned it at one tenth the cost..and also would have made genuine "connection"..
    Anyway- our best wishes..

  3. admin 5 years ago

    what I think is that he will justify what he does..
    Like we have already seen him stammer (that was but offcourse a very small part) in Ajab Prem ki Gajab kahani I didnt found the role offensive at all.
    This also make me recall some very impactful stammering characters that I saw in Bollywood one was Shahid kapoor in Kaminey and John Abraham in Jhotha hi Sahi. All these characters really inpacted me a lot in a positive manner and I would partly share with them the credit of me being able to share my "stammering-self" with people around me and more importantly with myself.


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