Delhi SHG Meeting Report of 9th Feb

Stammering is not we are, Stammering is something we have i.e we are PWS not stammerer (a person who stutter or stammer) ….what a beautiful line I have heard in the book Samagra by Dr Sachin Srivastava.
      So the meeting was as-usual held at Central Park Rajiv Chowk, New Delhi and this time, meeting  started bit late so I planned to go there right at 1 pm and I was in the central Park and waiting for other members and on the other side sun shine was very awesome and also I had brought the book “Samagra” of Sachin sir and I started to read book, I read for about 15-20 minutes and I found that the content in the book has been written very nicely. I request to all who have this book “Samagra” please start to read it because it has the real texture towards what is stuttering and how we can understand more about stuttering.
      This time, we were three member there me, Garvit and Himanshu, we started the meeting very casually as I didn’t have agenda so we started to follow some 2-3 techniques eg. Bouncing, Prolongation and Abdominal Breathing then Himanshu shared his experience about therapy classes and he explained how we can do Abdominal Breathing after that I shared my experience in TISA to Garvit as this was his 2nd meeting so this meeting was totally based on volountry conversation rather than making agenda-Full. so overall we enjoyed alot to talk much and freely. so I am done with my brief and precise introduction about this very nice meeting. Ooops we had also discussed about planning to organize one workshop so I got the views and ideas from Garvit and Himanshu so now I am looking forward to collect some more info to organize workshop.
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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Great! whether 2 people come or twenty.. Does not matter. The thing is- I must go out to help myself..
    More we do it, better we become on the whole.. Light, transparent, at ease with ourselves and good communicators..
    Thanks Vishal!


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