Completed one year in SHG

I was getting very frustrated and searching on net for
stammering cure things. And got many videos and document. And some were saying slow
speech and some suggested breathing exercises. But at that time I just saw
those things very carelessly and not an eye on that. And at the same time I
want to cure in a night. I was searching for a job and giving interviews. And I
know things but on telephonic rounds I always kicked off. I was in frustration
and execrate myself.
Sunday evening at 3.30pm (January 2013). I was surfing net for
stammering cure. Suddenly my eye rolled on that “”. 
I clicked on that
and saw “The Indian stammering association”. At the same time I thought this
could be the same stammering cure centers that are making money rather than
help.  Because I called 2 centers in
Bangalore and they were saying we can cure in 21 days. And when I asked for
fees, really I fainted that guy said 15k.
Then I opened
the TISA page. I saw “meeting place at madiwala” and below Dinesh mobile no.
was there. I thought that I have to call this guy also and ask him what is the
procedure to join? Because I am in frustration and not thinking of money any
more. I was thinking “whatever fees there I will pay”. I called Dinesh, my
hands was shaking. I remember the whole conversation, maybe I forgot some words,
conversation with Dinesh on phone below,
Me : haaa haa
haa hallo I am ta ta ta talking to Dinesh.
Dinesh(calmly) :
Me : I go go got
your no. from stammering blog.
At the same time
I though “ what he is thinking about me”.( In stress and I still remember my
ears were burning).
Dinesh : okay
Me : what is the
po po procedure to join and Fees!!!!!
Dinesh: It’s a
self help group there is no procedure and no fees. Just you have to come and
join us.
Me :  hmmm okay and I asked  “ when I can join?”.
Dinesh : This
coming Saturday 2pm to 5pm at madiwala. When you come there just give me a
Me:  Thanks
I was very happy
and called my mom. Hey mummy “ maine ek stammering cure ki class dhondi hai aur
waha Saturday se jaunga”. My mom was also happy. 
First day at Bangalore SHG :

I went to center
around 2.30pm because I was in dilemma I have to go or not what will happen?
That’s why I am getting late. And many questions were striking on my mind. After
I reached to the center and called Diensh “Hi Dinesh I am Akash, I am here at
madiwala”. Before calling to Dinesh I turned face to my house but then I
thought “jo hoga dekh lenge”.
I was standing
in the hot sun. Abhinav came and said.. “ Hey your Akash right?”. I called him
Abhishek at the first time. And we chitchatting and he said “ I am not Abhishek
yaar I am Abhinav”. 
I entered in the
room. And what I saw ooo man there are too many guys and I got little nervous.
Some conversation was going on “marriage topic”. Sairam said “Hey come sit
here”. I thought he is the teacher because he asked too many questions to me
“where are you from? What u do? , where do u leave?, In which company you are
in?”. I was thinking “ he is checking me, how much stammer I have, then he will
teach me something or give me some exercises”.  I answered all. End of the day I was thinking
“ hey they didn’t teach anything just they were talking”. Then I think there is
no need to go yaar. And I didn’t go for at least 3-4 weeks.
Dinesh Inspired me:

I was on gmail and
Dinesh pinged me
“Hey Akash why are you not coming to SHG”.
I was thinking what I have to say or just logout from the gmail or didn’t
answer him. But another thought came if some buddy doing same thing with me
then. How do I feel? Then I answer him truth fully that I was very nervous and
in fear.
Then he
motivates me and around 15mins we talked and give me some inspiration. And he
said “ okay do one thing come for only 3 months regularly and I am sure you
will see the changes”. I said “ okay I will come”.
After some weeks
he said “ Akash you have to give speech at least one speech”. Then I gave
speech on “Food” and I know very well it was not a good speech and I forgot
many things. But all the PWS clapped and said your speech is good and you have
to give more speeches.
After 2-3 weeks
Dinesh told me “Akash do u want to write a report on TISA blog”
 I am thinking how can I write a report.
 Then Dinesh motivates me “ See Akash if
you not communicate with you vocal it’s okay but if you’re not write well then
it’s a fault”.
I said “my writing skills are not good”. He said “that does why I told you, u
have to write a report. You just write and write for 5-6 months automatically
it will improve”.
He told his
story “When I written first time that was not good but I was writing continuously
for 6 months. And now I am able to write good one”.
I would like to
thanks him. He really pushes me and motivates me. If he didn’t push, I may not
be the part of SHG.
Time went by and 2013 was almost over:
I saw many pws
are coming and going but 5-6 pws are always coming to SHG and I can say that
those are pillars of Bangalore SHG. I have seen many changes in me and other
PWS who are regular.
For new comers:
I wanted to say Dinesh words which he told me at first “Just come for 3 months
regularly and you can see the change”. And I am also pretty sure you would see
the changes in your own.
Abhinav is the leader:
When he takes
the leadership in his eyes I can see the confidence and his skills are
improving. He is really doing well and inspires others. I was talking on the
gmail. And I asked him
“ Hey Man , I can see many changes in you”.

Abhinav : Ya man it’s the effect of 
leadership, you have to take-care of others because every persons need
is different. You have to be much knowledgeable.
His words really
inspire me and give me motivation. Sudden thought came “ I am the leader of my
own”. Because every time I gave my button to others hand. Means by example : I
am the fan and some buddy is drive me on and off.
Why should I listen to others and why should I not accept me.

                               1st picture      

                              2nd picture
Thanks to SHG and all pws:   
In 1st picture from the left Pramod,Sairam,Karthik,Lohith,Dinesh,Jitu and Nishil. 
In 2nd picture from the left Karpagavalli, Manoj, Piyush, Pramod, Abhinav, Sairam, Anna, Prabhakaran, Sharath and Dinesh.
I apologize to other Bangalore pws because I don’t have their group pictures.
These days I am
accepting myself. If I stammer in the shop or in the bus or at office or
anywhere. I am not thinking of anything. If some buddy smiles I say inside let
it be. I learned one thing accept yourself and things will start changing.

Because god sent
you on earth for some purpose. You’re unique and no buddies like you in this
planet. So love yourself whatever you’re.  
–By Unknown
If there is
grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes sorry for that because English is my
second language and I am learning English these days. My next post will be
mistake lessJ.

Akash Dixit a PWS


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Akash – beautiful testimony. Each one of you is a pillar, not just of TISA, but also of a better tomorrow for everyone..
    You may never get to know how many people, across the globe, your words may have inspired – thanks to IT and your courage to write..
    Keep sharing..

  2. Dhruv Gupta 6 years ago

    Incredible Akash. Very inspirational. The power of a community to PWS coming together is incredible.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Very frank and awesome testimonial Akash

    I can see with every post your writing skills are improving. I still remember your first day in SHG. You and Jitu are examples of 360 degrees shift in personality after joining SHG.

  4. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Sachin sir, Dhruv and Abhinav

  5. Karpagavalli N 6 years ago

    Akash I was waiting for this..well portrayed..I can relate to every single inspire us in every possible way..Thanks..Will be waiting for your next post 🙂


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